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A Complete Timeline of Josh Duggar’s Public Fallout From Reality TV Celebrity To Child Pornography Conviction


March 2003: Josh Duggar, 15, is temporarily sent to live away from his family after his father, Jim Bob, is said to learn of multiple incidents in which Josh assaulted his younger sisters.

In 2015, InTouch acquired a police report drawn up in 2006, which can now be viewed on the Imgur hosting site, which shows statements provided by Jim Bob, the patriarch of the Duggar family.

According to the report, Jim Bob first found out about Josh’s behavior in 2002, when one of the girls said Duggar’s older brother touched her breasts and genitals while she was sleeping.

The police report alleges that Josh assaulted four of his sisters while they were sleeping and sometimes while they were awake.

As Gawker previously reported, there were five sisters living in the Duggar house at this time, ranging in age from five to 12 years old.

The police report details, according to Jim Bob’s statement, how Josh admitted to some of the incidents.

Jim Bob did not contact authorities when he learned of the first allegations and said he instead disciplined Josh and tried to prevent the alleged assault from happening again.

It was not until he learned of other incidents of assault that Jim Bob met with the family’s “church elders” and decided that Josh would be fired from March to July 2003, according to the police report.