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A fake Windows 11 installer is circulating the internet


You must be very careful if you try to download or upgrade to Windows 11 and use a search engine to get the download files. According to recent reports, hackers are starting a new campaign where you might be tricked into downloading fake Windows 11 updater which might infect your PC with malware.

This new campaign is aimed at those who use search engines to search for Windows to download. Moreover, it directs these naive customers to a fake Microsoft website with a Windows 11 “Download Now” button that looks genuine. Official Microsoft logos, popular icons, and even official Windows 11 graphics can be found on the website. The website is no longer accessible as of this writing, but Bleeping Computer shared the screenshot below before the faulty website was taken down.

A fake Windows 11 installer is circulating the internet

An ISO file would have been downloaded if a user clicked the “Download Now” button or visited the website. When this ISO file is opened, it contains malicious software known as information stealer. As noted in data shared with Bleeping Computer, CloudSEK researchers have named this new information stealer “Inno Stealer” and believe it drops four files into unsuspecting systems.

The files can disable antivirus software and collect cookies from your web browsers, passwords, file system data, and even information copied to your clipboard. Everything would be done late at night, then stored and encrypted using a PowerShell command before being delivered to the hacker’s server.

To avoid falling victim to these types of scams, check the URL of the website you are viewing, especially if you found it through a search engine. It’s also a good idea to avoid downloading ISO files from untrusted sites and to keep your anti-virus software updated so that it scans for new threats like this with the latest definition changes.

When it comes to downloading, installing, and upgrading to Windows 11, Microsoft recommends consumers wait and update through Windows Update on compatible PCs. It is advisable to use official Microsoft tools such as the installation wizard or installation media, or even register your PC in the Windows Insider program.

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