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A Taiwanese team will visit the Fukushima plant

  • By Kayleigh Madjar / Editor, with CNA

A team of Taiwanese experts are due to leave for Japan tomorrow to inspect wastewater from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, with a report on their findings expected within a month.

Experts are visiting to assess plans announced by Tokyo last year to gradually release more than 1.25 million cubic meters of treated water from the plant into the sea from spring next year at the latest. early.

It follows another visit last month by a delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) who gathered information on the plan and collected samples of wastewater from the plant which was damaged after an earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

Photo: AP

However, Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) lawmakers questioned the impartiality of the Atomic Energy Council (AEC), accusing it of helping Tokyo “whitewash” the situation in an explainer on its website.

AEC Minister Hsieh Shou-shing (謝曉星), ahead of a routine hearing at the Legislative Yuan, told reporters yesterday that the council submitted a formal objection to Tokyo as soon as it announced the plan in April to Last year.

Later in the hearing, lawmakers asked Hsieh to establish preliminary response measures to the potential effects of wastewater contamination and to report publicly on his progress.

Even the IAEA did not issue preliminary judgments before its inspection of the factory, and any release would have to meet internationally recognized standards, Hsieh said, adding that was why the IAEA and Taiwan were sending inspectors.

As for its potential effect on the fishing industry, Hsieh deferred to the Fisheries Agency, but added that the AEC planned to set up a platform for the agencies to inform each other. preventive measures.

Asked about the ACS’s outdated online explainer, which still says an IAEA delegation “must” visit Japan, Hsieh said the international agency would not release the results of its investigation until next month.

The AEC maintained communications with the IAEA delegation during its visit, but it cannot share that information until the agency releases its report, Hsieh said.

After lawmakers raised concerns about how the Taiwanese delegation would be treated, Hsieh said the AEC team would ask that it be given the same treatment as the IAEA delegation.

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