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Adobe Photoshop will soon be free on the web


The company is reinventing itself as a freemium service provider

Adobe’s creative suite is still largely unmatched in professional environments, but the competition isn’t sleeping. Consumers and prosumers are increasingly moving away from expensive subscription-based Adobe services, with many high-performance alternatives springing up. In particular, there are some great web-based options, and now Adobe is finally responding by moving to a freemium model for Photoshop on the web.

As covered by The edgeAdobe announced at a consumer event in Paris that he will be experimenting with moving to a freemium template for Photoshop on the web. The test will come first to Canadian users, who will be able to use Photoshop for the web for free. In the long term, the company wants to move away from free users, making them only available to paid subscribers, but it should be possible to use basic Photoshop features for free. However, to get started, you still need to create a free Adobe account.


There is no timeline on when the free model will launch more widely. Either way, Adobe is working hard to improve the Photoshop web app with more and better features. We should expect more refined edge and curve tools and improved Doge and Burn. furthermore it will be possible to convert smart objects in the future. In the collaborative department, the application will also receive support for reviewing and commenting on projects.

Photoshop on the web is available on Adobe’s Creative Cloud site. It is currently officially still in beta.

This move is a reaction to the increasingly web-based nature of productivity. Many workflows have shifted entirely to the browser, with cloud-focused operating systems like Chrome OS encouraging this even more. In fact, Adobe’s Photoshop software wasn’t really available in a first-class capacity on Chromebooks until the company released Photoshop for the web in late 2021, at least if we drop the more limited Photoshop Express Android app. .