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Ahmedabad company’s LiFi technology powers the internet at Nadabet


LiFi technology – also known as Light Fidelity – provided by Ahmedabad-based NAV Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd has met the high-speed internet needs of Border Security Forces (BSF) and tourists in Nadabet, which is the farthest and one of the most isolated points on the Indo-Pakistan border in Gujarat, for the past nine months.

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“Nadabet is located at the border and it is connected by a small road to Suigam (in Banaskantha district) located 30 kilometers away. The saline ecosystem does not allow the laying of underground or aerial fiber optic cables. Radio frequencies cannot be used as they are close to Pakistan. So the state government was facing a problem to provide internet connectivity to Nadabet, which is now being developed as a tourist spot,” said Hardik Soni, co-founder of the company that used indigenous LiFI technology to bridging the gap and providing internet services.

LiFi technology uses light beams in the visible and invisible spectrum to transmit data over several kilometres.

Being a wireless technology, it is bi-directional and can transmit data at high speed.

“For the past nine months, the Internet provided by this technology has been used by both BSF soldiers and tourists. Around 15,000 people visit Nadabet every month and can use high-speed internet. This is the first major project undertaken by state and central governments to deploy LiFi technology in a location with challenging terrain and security issues,” Soni said while interacting with reporters at his office. . Suigam being a gram panchayat is connected by fiber optic cable.

“We connected Suigam’s fiber optic cable to our LiFi devices from Suigam and Nadabet to provide high-speed internet. There are multiple users and 100 MBPS (megabits per second) will not be enough. This technology therefore provides gigabyte speeds,” the official said, adding that the telecommunications infrastructure of BSNL and Gujarat Informatics Ltd is also used to provide this service.

“We are not the telecommunications or internet service provider. We only manage the technology and the equipment,” he added.

Nadabet is not only an important BSF base but Gujarat government has tried to promote this Indo-Pakistan border for tourists.