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American Horror Story Season 11: Renewed or cancelled?


Who would have thought that american horror story would it still send shivers down your spine even in 2022?

Well, that’s kind of a question we’re all interested in right now. american horror story The timeline can be a confusing mess on the show, but the timeline of the on-air program has been pretty consistent for the most part. Until Season 9, a new chapter was created around September or October each year, ending before Christmas.

However, due to COVID-induced delays, the show was forced to forfeit the 2020 season entirely.

Will we be entitled to season 11 of American Horror Story?

Season 10 got off to a good start with Crimson Tidebut the death valley half the season let us down with the kind of plot you’d expect from Ryan Murphy’s random offshoot of American Horror Stories. That doesn’t mean we should write american horror story off immediately. FX renewed Murphy’s flagship show for three more seasons in January 2020, bringing the total number of seasons to at least 13.

“Ryan and Brad are the undisputed masters of horror television, having created the anthology limited series with american horror story and maintain its success for nearly a decade as FX’s top-rated series,” FX President John Landgraf was quoted as saying by The Hollywood Reporter.

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But where does this fantastic spectacle of monsters come from? Will season 11 of american horror story return to its roots, or will the showrunners continue to experiment with the format? Is there a possibility of another crossover?

American Horror Story Season 10 Recap

Fans and critics loved it american horror story almost universally. But, season 10 of the show received mixed reviews. Season 10 has been dubbed Dual function because it was split into two independent cartoons – Crimson Tide and death valley – rather than focusing on a single plot.

The first five episodes of Crimson Tide were praised by viewers for having a gripping premise and conflict that references the show’s popular early seasons, but death valley disappointing tale was widely looked down upon by viewers.

American Horror Story Season 11: Renewed or cancelled?
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Expectations for American Horror Story season 11 are high in hopes that the series can redeem itself and truly bring to life the potential of an entire season that Crimson Tide demonstrated.

American Horror Story Season 11 Release Date

In 2020, several movie and TV show release dates had been canceled, including those that had been planned for almost a decade. Since its creation in 2011, american horror story premiered in September or October on FX, with the season finale airing just before Christmas.

For the first time, a new season of American Horror Story did not launch in 2020. In August 2021, the Dual function has been freed.

That said, while no release date has yet been revealed, hopefully american horror story Season 11 airs in early fall 2022 as scheduled, and we don’t have to wait another year.

American Horror Story Season 11
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American Horror Story Season 11 Theme

Ryan Murphy, the creator of the series, is usually tight-lipped about each american horror story subject, but in April 2021, he put fans to the test by asking them what they want to see in the future.

In a now-deleted Twitter poll, Murphy asked fans to vote on a variety of potential themes, including Aliens, Christmas Horror, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Sirens, and Plague. Aliens were, after all, a big part of Season 10, so we don’t expect them to return anytime soon. But what about other possibilities?

Sirens and Bloody Mary were the most popular choices. The only problem is that Ryan never said which option received the most votes or, more importantly, if the results will affect american horror story Season 11.

American Horror Story Cast

Actors like Evan Peters, who appeared on american horror story on a regular basis, don’t seem to appear as frequently as they used to. Despite being a fan favorite on the show, Sarah Paulson said season 10 could be her last.

American Horror Story Season 11: Renewed or cancelled?
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The 46-year-old actress opened up about her future with the franchise during the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The topic came up after host Andy Cohen asked Paulson if she had any idea what her next collaboration with creator Ryan Murphy would be.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “It’s the first time in about three years that I don’t know. I think this is my last season of Horror story, probably. I mean, I don’t know. Whenever he comes up to me with a wacky character, I tend to say “Yes!” Let’s do it!’ So I do not know. It’s the first time. So we’ll see.

American Horror Story Season 11: Renewed or cancelled?
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American Horror Story: Double Feature airs on FX in the US and premiered October 20 on Disney+ in the UK. Find series 1-8 on Netflix, with seasons 1-9 available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.