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As is not enough, currently Netflix has love – mbu timeline


The streaming platform Netflix has announced the introduction of a new tool to allow you to mark the series and films for which you have a particular predilection with the “Like” button and to receive even more personalized recommendations.

Do you like or do you like? There are shows we’re addicted to, we can’t stop thinking about them, everything we see reminds us of a character or a scene, the only thing we want is to go home and put another chapter and of course we don’t stop talking and recommending it to your friends and family.

Although there are others that we enjoy, they entertain us and we can recommend them to our loved ones, but not with the same passion as we would with our favorite series. Netflix is ​​aware of this and that is why the company has decided to add a new button called “I love it”.

This new tool is in addition to the existing ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ tools, which are marked with a thumbs up or thumbs down. In this new option there will be two thumbs up , which will allow you to mark the series or movies that you like a lot.

Until now, if you liked the content, the platform offered you other series and movies similar to the ones you just watched in the recommendations section. With the “Like” button you indicate that you are fascinated, which will make the platform offer you even more precise content, since series and films will be included where the same actors appear or are directed by the same director .

“For example, if you liked The Bridgertons, we suggest more titles produced by Shondaland or featuring members of its cast.” can we read in the press release.

You can now start using the “Like” button for our favorite series and movies, this function is available for TV, for the web version and your iOS and Android mobile devices.