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Internet balloon

High speed and broadband internet to rural areas. How many times have I seen articles, emails, lectures with people like Presidents Trump and Biden, agricultural secretaries, and the list goes on. It’s a challenge. It can be very difficult to access high speed internet in remote rural areas. Hills, valleys, mountains, long distances between houses and farms. These can make it almost impossible for the fiber to work there. And wireless has its issues too, so how can these rural areas get high speed internet? A possible answer. An 80-foot captive balloon. A ball. Yes. Dr Johnny Park, from an Indiana nonprofit group that promotes innovation, told the House AG committee that they were testing the Internet through a balloon called an aerostat. And it’s FAA approved to fly 1,500 feet in the air from a farm field in White County, Indiana. Attached in one place by a fiber optic cable. And it has a payload capacity of two hundred pounds that allows it to carry multiple wireless communication devices and at 1,500 feet, no line-of-sight issues. And it can provide high speed internet access within a 10 to 15 mile radius. Dr Park says this is an unusual approach. This could be a way, however, to accelerate the adoption of peak broadband in remote areas. And that is still our main goal.


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