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Berks COVID Report: Hospitalizations Down


In the partial Pennsylvania Department of Health Dashboard Update As of Tuesday, the number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized statewide fell dramatically, down from 115 to 2,639.

This is the smallest number of hospitalizations since September 23.

Berks’ total fell from five to 62 hospitalized including 10 in intensive care.

The most recent Penn State Health update its dashboard showed the following for St. Joseph’s Medical Center:

• 15: sick; three fully vaccinated and 12 not fully vaccinated.

• 6: patients in intensive care; one fully vaccinated and five not fully vaccinated.

Overall, for the four hospital system led by Hershey Medical Center:

• 101 patients: 17 fully vaccinated and 64 not fully vaccinated.

• 20: patients whose vaccination status is unknown.

• 33: total intensive care.

None of the “unknown vaccination” patients are counted in the scorecard census of each hospital, so it is possible that there are more than 15 patients in Saint-Joseph.

Full vaccination is given two weeks after the last injection of a two-dose vaccine or Johnson & Johnson single-injection product.

The Tower Health dashboard update Tuesday for Reading Hospital showed:

• 35: COVID patients; six vaccinated, 29 no.

• 4: number of intensive care; zero vaccinated, four no.

There have also been five exits and one death in the previous 24 hours.

Reading and all Tower Health sites know the immunization status of patients. In addition, there is no two week waiting period to count as vaccinated.

Reading has 35 of the total 72 patients in the Tower hospitals. Not all patients in the intensive care units in the system are vaccinated.

Small print dashboard

The status dashboard update is a composite of yesterday’s data, in this case Monday. Hospitals take stock in the afternoon.

With all the schedule differences, the hospitalized totals rarely match.

The entire dashboard was plagued with technical glitches on Tuesday, the health department said, and there were no updates on cases and vaccinations.

The coroner’s total deaths and the total number of people vaccinated in Berks this Tuesday Reading eagle were incorrect.


The state’s dashboard of deaths from COVID rose 76 on Tuesday to a pandemic total of 31,530. None were residents of Berks, and the pandemic total remained at 1,154.

The Berks County Coroner’s Office has reported 1,092 COVID deaths within Berks for the pandemic.

It is likely that the final tally for October will be 57 deaths, the sixth worst month in the pandemic.

In October, the majority of deaths were men and the majority in hospitals, mainly at Reading Hospital. The most recent example was the coroner’s office Monday report: all four were men and all died at Reading Hospital.

The hospital recently emailed this statement when asked about the number of deaths there:

“Reading Hospital continues to treat patients with severe COVID-19. The hospital is also accepting transfers of COVID-19 patients from other hospitals in our healthcare system that require higher levels of treatment and support.

“Many of the patients currently admitted to hospital are younger than what we saw at the start of the pandemic. In the first months of the pandemic, older patients were more affected by the disease. Since vaccines have become available, vaccination rates in older people are higher than younger populations. “

One year ago

On November 3, 2020, the 14-day case average rose to triple digits for the first time since April 26, 2020.

It would remain in triple digits until February 25, 2021, but only briefly as the spring surge soon began.

And, it ran from March 12 to May 17 before cases started to decline, to an average of four on July 9.

The 14-day average hit triple digits again on September 3 as the Delta variant hit top speed, and it stays there at 130.

Flu cases

Health status the ministry has started tracking cases of seasonal flu.

The summary report dated October 30 reads as follows:

“A total of 354 laboratory-confirmed influenza cases have been reported to date. Confirmed reports have been received from 40 counties out of the 67 counties. Emergency room visits associated with flu-like symptoms are lower than last week and higher than the same week last year.

“No confirmed deaths associated with influenza have been reported this season.”

The graph on the same webpage for this season and the past eight shows all others at a similar low in October. But some of the other years started to intensify in November.

Last season was the exception. The flu season has been negligible.

COVID in Berks

unavailable: new cases

58 840: pandemic total

123: most recent 7-day average

1 154: death, condition

1,092: death coroner

235 609: fully vaccinated residents

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