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Big update coming for billions of Google Chrome users


A big update is coming for billions of Google Chrome users around the world. Elvin Hu, designer for Google Chrome, unveiled a new logo for the web browser last week. The logo is more dynamic and eye-catching than ever. Also Read – Google Introduces a Free Workspace Plan: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It

The Google Chrome logo is changing for the first time in eight years. The last time Google changed its Chrome logo was in 2014. Compared to the existing logo, the new upcoming Chrome logo looks more dynamic and eye-catching. However, you will only be able to notice the change if you put on your glasses and look very closely. Also Read – Sundar Pichai has a plan to push Google forward and it involves India

Hu said Google was considering a new design for Chrome, but it didn’t look too appealing. “We explored introducing more negative space. However, in context, the white required a stroke that made the icon overall smaller and harder to recognize, especially next to other Google apps,” he added. Read also – YouTube full-screen player on Android, iOS gets a new interface: here’s what changes


The Chrome logo includes red, green, yellow, blue, and white colors, and all of this in the new is brighter than ever. If you look at the new logo alone, the difference may not be very noticeable. But if you compare the existing and upcoming logos, the difference seems pretty clear.

“Some of you may have noticed a new icon in Chrome’s Canary update today. Yes! we’re refreshing Chrome-branded icons for the first time in 8 years. New icons will soon start appear on your devices,” Hu said announcing the change to the Chrome logo for eight long years.

The red, green and yellow are vibrant and the white border of the blue circle placed in the center stands out. The blue color is also a shade darker. The new logo also no longer has the red color bar shadow.

Google Chrome logo: new or old

Highlighting the changes to the new logo, Hu said, “We simplified the main brand icon by removing shadows, refining proportions and brightening colors, to align with the more modern brand expression of Google”.

“We also found that placing certain shades of green and red next to each other created an unpleasant color vibration, so we introduced a very subtle gradient on the main icon to tone this down, making the icon more approachable. “, explained Hu.

ChromeOS vs MacOS

The new Chrome logo is different in different browsers. “Next, we created OS-specific customizations. We want the icons to be recognizable to Chrome, but also well-designed for each operating system,” Hu said.

On the Windows operating system, the logo appears with a more dramatic gradient compared to macOS or ChromeOS. On ChromeOS, the logo uses more vibrant colors with no gradients “to match the look of the rest of the system icons.” On macOS, the logo offers a 3D look in a stable release, while beta users will see a blue-colored ribbon with “beta” written on it. “Ribbons include many details when viewed in large size, but turn into simple badges in small size, maintaining readability. The letters ‘B’ and ‘D’ representing ‘Beta’ and ‘Dev’ are suggested manually, so they look sharp even at a very small size,” Hu said.

To go out?

The new version of Chrome will be rolling out in the next few months or so across the app, web, and beyond. A specific rollout schedule has yet to be revealed.