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Breakdown of YouTube star Colleen Ballinger”s dating history


Fans may know Colleen Ballinger like her former alter ego, Miranda Sings, but the internet personality has actually made headlines with her love life over the years! Before being married to a long time love Erik Stocklinwith whom she shares three children, the actress was married to another YouTube personality Joshua Evans.

Colleen and Joshua were known to make videos together as a couple. They announced their engagement in 2014 and officially married in July 2015. Just after their first anniversary, the former flames announced their separation. Shortly after, Colleen and Erik went public with their romance.

Years after their split, Joshua uploaded a scathing YouTube video titled “The Truth About Everything, Part 1”, which has since been deleted. In the 12-minute video, he shared what allegedly happened after he and Colleen broke up.

“If you look at my life a few years ago, I had so many YouTuber friends. But when it all came together, who left? My YouTuber friends. Who stayed in my life? People who aren’t motivated by YouTube or fame or numbers. My real friends are still there. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I loved those people,” Joshua explained. “At the time I was no longer popular, ‘Bye !’ I am so upset and angry and hurt by so many things that have happened, and blamed myself for so many things. And I’ve never told anyone the truth on the internet. My family knows what Colleen did, my friends know what Colleen did. My world knows.

Colleen, for her part, never responded to her video. She has since moved on with Erik. The duo married in 2018 and welcomed their first son, Flynn Timothy Stocklin, in December of this year. They announced the birth of their twins – a boy and a girl – in November 2021.

“I guess I had babies today,” she said in a YouTube video at the time, noting that they arrived early. “It was crazy. … We couldn’t film it. It was too fast, too hectic, too scary. It was really crazy. I’m fine. ‘NICU.

The Haters back off The star also posted a photo of herself and the twins on Instagram with a caption that read, “My lovely babies decided to come early. Check out the magical mayhem that happened over the weekend.

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