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Chinese Chandigarh Small Loan Apps: Police Share Confessional Video of Accused Detailing Scam


The Chandigarh Police Cyber ​​Cell shared a confessional video of one of the main defendants arrested in the China-backed small loan apps case on its Twitter account on Saturday.

In the video shared on Saturday, man Parvej Alam alias Jeetu Bhadana can be seen detailing the modus operandi used by his gang. The shared video also comes with a warning, where the police urge people not to get tricked into such scams. The video was uploaded to the official Twitter account @ChdCyberCell Cyber ​​Swachhta Mission Chandigarh Police.

A 32-year-old Chinese national, Wan Chenghua, along with 20 others, including Jeetu Bhadana, were previously arrested by the Chandigarh police cyber cell earlier this month after a series of raids across the country for allegedly cheating and extorted money. people after tricking them through petty lending apps. So far, the police, during their investigations, also estimated that the gang had funneled around 100 crore rupees from China through hawala transactions.

Chenghua was arrested in Greater Noida. A resident of Wuhan in China, police say he traveled to India in 2019 on a work visa, which he obtained on the basis of being a chef. Chenghua’s visa had expired in 2021, but he continued to live illegally in India.

In the video recording uploaded on Saturday, Parvej Alam can be heard saying: “People were tricked into downloading instant loan mobile apps through Google Playstore and Facebook. As soon as they downloaded the app and provided their mobile numbers, we searched for pictures of their Aadhaar cards, PAN cards and bank account number. These details would be filled in an online performa. Mobile loan apps cannot be used until a person gives us consent to access their contacts, pictures, etc. Then we transferred the desired loan amount to the (applicants) account for a week. After a week, we started demanding large sums of money in lieu of loan repayment. Sometimes we even made threatening calls.

Sources said the video message of Jeetu Bhadana, a native of Ranchi in Jharkhand, was recorded at the cyber cell police station before he was taken into custody.

A police officer said: ‘The accused’s video recording has been uploaded to inform people of instant short term loan applications available on the internet and how they work. These apps are unregulated.”

Meanwhile, the police, in the course of their investigations, arrested four other people – including lawyer Sunil Chauhan – who they believe were involved in the case. They were arrested from NCR and Rajasthan. According to the police, one of the accused of the four arrested has been taken into custody. The other three – Sunil Chauhan, Sashi Kant and Ashok Kumar – are in custody.