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Congress condemns government for embezzling MGNREGA funds


He said the SAU carried out audits in 2.65 lakh gram panchayats in all Indian Union states and territories at least once between 2017-18 and 2020-21.

“The most important finding of the SAU during its audits was that the main type of embezzlement in most cases was financial embezzlement which includes and is not limited to bribery, payments to non-existent people, suppliers at inflated purchase prices, etc. mentioned.

The leader of Congress said this was important because this law is a social assistance scheme intended to ensure the well-being of the poor. “The very fact that hijackings have occurred is a testament to the Modi government’s lack of accountability and due diligence. So much so that the state with the greatest diversion between 2017-18 and 2020-21 was the state of Tamil Nadu. led by the Modi government ally, AIADMK, “he said.

He said Tamil Nadu saw embezzlement of Rs 245 crore. The state of Bihar, also led by the BJP and the JD (U), is among the main states with a misappropriation of Rs 12.34 crore. Jharkhand, who was also ruled by the BJP during the audit timeline, saw embezzlement in the order of Rs 51.29 crore.


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