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Crazy AI shows what deceased celebrities would look like today


A photographer and lawyer has managed to bring celebrities back from the dead using artificial intelligence. No, it’s not some kind of holographic trickery like we’ve seen in the past. Instead, Alper Yesiltas has created an AI system that can age deceased celebrities, showing what they would look like if they were still alive.

It’s an interesting way to bring deceased celebrities back to life, and honestly, the images look very realistic. Yesiltas highlighted the work he has used AI for so far in an interview with My modern met. According to this report, images of icons such as Heath Ledger, Princess Dianna, Freddie Mercury and even Jimmi Hendrix have been created, bringing these icons to life in a unique way.

The images all look like black and white photographs, which makes sense given Yesiltas’ background as a photographer. But bringing deceased celebrities back to life in any way is never an easy task. He said My modern met that he believes “everything imaginable can be shown to be real”. He said this mentality inspired him to start tinkering with AI technology.

“I saw what I could do and thought about what would make me happiest,” he told interviewers in the report. “I wanted to see some of the people I missed in front of me again.” The result was shocking photographs bringing dead celebrities back to life, which he featured on his Instagram. Yesiltas calls the project As if nothing happened to them.

Seeing the use of artificial intelligence to bring celebrities back from the dead in these photos is exciting, and it’s just one of the ways people are using AI to create interesting things. Recently, Google also announced a 3D textual AI capable of creating fully 3D models using simple words. Other AI systems have also been used to create the voices of iconic actors like Val Kilmer in top movies.