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Darknet, Deep Web and Dark Web: this is how the deep Internet is formed


The Internet is a tool that has made life easier for mankind. This invention has succeeded in facilitating communications, information, entertainment, among others. Like most things in life, it also has its negative side. Browsing their networks, cyber attacks, digital harassment and web scams can be found. But what happens when you surf the internet deeply? In this article, we explain it to you.

Beyond the fact that in the first layer of the internet you can find things that would be classified as illegal, there are other layers where the hidden generates panic and terror. Traditional internet browsers only let you browse part of the web, while others give you access to the Deep Web, Dark Web, and Darknet.

Deep Web, the dark Internet by default

The most famous layer after the traditional Internet is the Deep Web, which in its translation would become the Deep Internet. Its definition is very simple, it is all the content that is not indexed by search engines like Google. This sector of the network is also used for private spaces of companies, the user space of an operator or the private website of a university. Not all content on the Deep Web is illegal.

The reason the Deep Web is hidden from regular search engines is that domains with the .onion extension are used, so there is no registration of these domains by a DNS server. Instead of using UDP / IP for identification of web pages, like in the shallow internet, in the deep web, they are repeated by a branch.

There are also several myths on the deep web that are not true. This layer was supposed to be larger than the surface internet, the Recorded Future company confirms that it represents 0.005% of the visible web. Another of the statements that we usually see on the networks is that browsing these servers is illegal, although it is not true that there are pages that can lead you to legal problems.

Dark Web, the entry of the illegal into the Internet

To enter the Dark Web, the TOR browser is used, the one that serves to make the user anonymous. 68% of Tor’s Dark Web content was illegal, according to an Intelliagg Group assessment. The rest of the people who do not seek this content use it to hide their IP address, data related to their equipment and their browsing data.

Stealth is recommended for people browsing the Dark Web without being vulnerable or easily impressed. In a very simple way, you can find videos of explicit and childish sex, mutilation, rape and murder. Also sale of organs, drugs, weapons and how to create them, human trafficking, hiring services for thefts and contract killers. Many users who log in come across this content without even looking for it.

Keep in mind that many pages in this depth of the Internet do not have actual content. Some of them only seek to capture your attention with provocation and morbid so you can click or leave your bank details.

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Darknet, one more step towards the deep Internet

Although many confuse the Darknet with the Dark Web, they differ in that the former are networks. Specifics such as TOR that host the pages that have the content. The most famous darknets, in addition to the one already mentioned, are the friend-to-friend network Freenet, I2P or Invisible Internet Project with its Eepsites with the extension .i2p or ZeroNet. with its multiple services.

Another aspect that goes under the table when we talk about this part of the Internet is that the content that can be found there can also appear on conventional networks. The drugs have been publicly sold on platforms such as Instagram or Tinder. Gore videos appeared on YouTube, Twitter, and other lesser-known networks in the first layer.

The day when the “clean” Internet will coexist with the deep seems ever closer. The differences have been cut and the mystery around the Deep Web, as well as the other networks that make it up, is fading.