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Domelevo was Manasseh’s main source of information – according to Adom-Otchere


General information for Sunday 22 August 2021

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


Manasseh Azur Awuni

Investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has covered topics ranging from human rights to social justice and the national interest over the years.

But its anti-corruption reports have stood out far and wide for the impact and public reaction to them.

For a journalist of his kind, the sources of information are as critical as the issues they undertake to expose and / or cover.

According to one of Manasseh’s avowed critics, Paul Adom-Otchere, host of the Good Evening Ghana show on Metro TV, in recent years Manasseh’s main source of information has been former Auditor General Daniel Yao. Domelevo.

In the editorial segment of the August 20 edition of Good Evening Ghana, Adom-Otchere criticized Domelevo and Manasseh, accusing the former of letting gossip affect its production. He further accused Manasseh of hating Jospong Group CEO Joseph Siaw Agyemang.

“That kind of Manasseh hatred… Manasseh, please calm down, then do the right job.” Get the document, read it. If you don’t have a document and you don’t have a camera and no one is whispering to you and you can’t go and chat with Domelevo….

“You see what the president said, because of the gossip with Domelevo, he couldn’t do the job because he’s only looking for Zoomlion. You and Suleman Braimah are going to chat, you go to Domelevo’s office and chat. He therefore could not provide twelve reports like his successor.

He continued: “Domelevo was in the parking lot chatting with you every 5 hours, he chats until 8 am and that’s how Manasseh got his stories. Now he has no more fuss, he writes the tabloids headlines.


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