Home Web internet Eerie video of Kendall Jenner slicing cucumber has the internet in shock

Eerie video of Kendall Jenner slicing cucumber has the internet in shock


The internet has proven time and time again that celebrities and their bizarre antics will never go unnoticed. Do you remember when Nigella Lawson accidentally mispronounced the word “microwave” on a cooking show, going viral and how? Whether it’s a mistake, a fumble or a misstep or even whatever celebrities do wrong, people online are quick to sit up and take notice. These moments leave us shocked and even surprised by seeing our favorite celebrities on this side. And a recent moment was no different. A video of American model Kendall Jenner slicing a cucumber has surfaced on social media and left the internet completely perplexed. Looked:

The videos were shared on Twitter by @qinnitan and @badtasticb, and garnered thousands of views, comments and likes.

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Kendal Jenner’s video was taken from the OTT series “The Kardashians” and surfaced on Twitter on May 13. In one section of the episode, the American model wanted to have a snack. Her mother Kris Jenner offered to call the chef for help. However, she refused and said she would do it herself as it was quite easy. She then proceeded to cut the cucumber in the weirdest way possible. Clearly struggling with this, Kendall said she’s “not a professional” and the camera shouldn’t zoom in on her. Her mother Kris looked at her and warned her not to cut herself and offered to call the chef again. But Kendall refused and continued.

Twitter users were in shock after seeing the American model struggling to cut cucumbers. They couldn’t understand how she was unable to perform such a simple and basic task. Several users shared their reactions and responses to the bizarre video. They also questioned the strange technique she used and why she had never learned this task before.

Take a look at the reactions to the video:

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