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Emoji 15 is coming soon and Google will support it first


The new emojis for 2022-2023 have been revealed and are due for approval in September. New set of Emoji drafts 15.0 features a shaking face, a pink heart, maracas, a hair clip, and the so-called “High Five”, which is technically called a right or left pushing hand, respectively.

Emoji Sample Set 15.0 by Emojipedia
Emoji Sample Set 15.0 by Emojipedia

The set pictured above are sample designs to use as guides and do not represent the final list of emoticons that will end up in our devices. However, these sample designs, which Emojipedia normally does, have a good track record of being chosen by the Unicode Consortium during the approval process, as was the case with Emoji 14.0 last year, which arrived on devices at the end of 2021 or the first half of 2022.

Once finalized, the release date for emoji support will vary by operating system, application, or device. However, the current schedule suggests that Google will likely be the first to support Emoji 15.0 on its web apps and Android, based on their recent efforts to decouple emoji updates from OS updates. This should happen by December 2022, while other platforms are unlikely to extend support until the first half of 2023.

Emoji 15.0 Support Timeline

Meanwhile, World Emoji Day is tomorrow, and Emojipedia is having fun celebrating with the World Emoji Awards. If you want to vote for the emoji you’re most looking forward to in Emoji 15.0, you can vote HERE. Otherwise, we’ll wait for the final list of upcoming Emojis to be revealed in September.