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Facebook pledges to report web conversions figures on iOS 14.5+ more accurately / Digital Information World


Facebook recently announced that it will take steps to more specifically adhere to campaign reports regarding OS 14.5+.

This news, although apparently an unexpected statement, supersedes a previous admission. Facebook had said in a previous blog post from the company’s vice president of product marketing, Graham mudd. In that article, Mudd admitted that the company reported 15% iOS web conversions on iOS 14.5. This admission also came a bit late, given that iOS 14.5 has been around for a while and underreported numbers were admitted at the end of September 2021. It’s almost like Facebook is planning a lot of underreporting. the numbers first. .

But why would it ever benefit the social network? Web conversions in this context, for those who don’t know, refer to ad campaigns by the switch from Facebook to the new iPhone and iPad operating system. Advertising, especially the model Facebook typically follows with third-party advertisers, took a hit when Apple introduced iOS 14, with its new tracking / transparency feature. This meant that users could access any type of application, without having to worry about personal data being stolen under the guise of cookies or necessary data, which is ultimately what the advertisements are based on. . Facebook’s main source of revenue comes from ads, which are now affected. The admission of underreporting was made in an article that also highlighted how advertisers and Facebook as a whole would be affected by the upcoming iOS after 14.

The conclusion here is easy to draw. Facebook needs advertisers and the general population to feel that Apple is stifling a lot of money and revenue that users can benefit from, and therefore should be stopped. Even before that, Facebook had been heavily invested in ensuring that Apple would reverse its new regulations. Messages and emails flew in abundance, with newspaper posts as well. It was a mad rush.

Unfortunately, Facebook has been caught in the jar and is now committed to communicating the numbers accurately. I wonder what major change happened around the same time as this social media revelation to be frank and honest? Surely this has nothing to do with the whistleblower who is testifying in front of Congress now. Law?

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