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Flash loans and a single NFT market


Have you always wanted more money but you don’t know what to sell your precious NFT? Instead, you can get instant liquidity with NFTULOAN! Yes, you can loan countless types of NFTs for quick cash. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of buying a lambo for real! Well maybe now you can.

NFTULOAN launches a Genesis Alpha Pass

What is NFTuloan?

NFTuloan is a lending company using NFTs or digital assets. You can get a flash loan using any type of NFT including; Art, Collectibles, Domain Names, Music or Photography. You can even get loans for sports or trading cards, virtual world lands and Play2earn NFTs! Basically, NFTuloan is the only NFT service giving real value to your jpeg. Why leave your jpeg in a wallet when you could play with money?

How does NFTuloan work?

Here’s how to put your NFT on steroids! NFTuloan is a fully defined lending protocol. Furthermore, it provides borrowers with instant and unprecedented opportunities to enhance their NFT portfolio. Additionally, NFTULOAN users can stake ETH to receive 70% of the liquidity pool fee. Additionally, those who wager are eligible for cashbacks of up to 399% APR.

This is what the Genesis Access Pass will give you

About Their Unique NFT Marketplace

NFTuloan offers a wide range of NFTs. In short, this NFT market includes NFTs from borrowers who default on their payment obligations. Their community can get these NFTs at a -30% discount rate. However, you should note that these NFTs can only be purchased with $Uloan. They aim to enable NFT collections to leverage their assets and increase their growth opportunities in the NFT market. This could be a great opportunity for someone looking to grow a larger NFT portfolio. NFTuloan NFTs are sold at the most competitive rates, outperforming all other competitors in the market.

Why should you use NFTuloan

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Join NFTuloan and you can get instant cash!

This NFT lending protocol promises to give your NFT collection liquidity while providing a ton of benefits. They are fully decentralized and on-chain. Moreover, they also offer great utility for holders including; Instant NFT valuation, instant financing and great interest rates for lenders. Many large projects see the great benefits of NFT loans, as the Aavegotchi NFT loan facility has fallen in the past.

About the Genesis Alpha Pass NFT

NFTULOAN will drop its Genesis Alpha Pass NFT Collection on June 26, 2022 at 9:00 PM UTC. Each token will cost 0.2 eth. NFT holders will enjoy the aforementioned benefits, including access to the NFTULOAN NFT marketplace at a reduced price and reduced charges on interest due on NFT loans. Additionally, holders will also get DAO voting rights, deciding for the entire liquidity protocol.

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