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How to Convert MOV to MP4: 9 Easy Ways


MOV files, also known as the QuickTime media file format, are actually a proprietary file format developed by Apple itself. If you are a Windows user who has ever tried working with an Apple formatted hard drive, you already know the struggle is real. Fortunately, the technology gap has almost closed as time goes on.

Nowadays, most PCs and Apple devices can handle both MOVs and MP4s, at least to some extent. Nevertheless, the occasional need to convert MOV video files to MP4 files has not yet subsided. Here we show you the top nine ways to convert MOV to MP4.

How to Convert MOV to MP4 in Your Browser

Little says “instant gratification” as a web application designed to run without messing up your computer. If you only have one or two video files that you need to convert on a whim, try one of these free services for a quick and painless transaction.

1. Adobe Spark

The homepage of Adobe Spark MOV to MP4.

Did you know that you can convert MOV to MP4 online with Adobe Spark? We did not do it. It’s a great service that can get the job done right in your browser.

Convert MOV to MP4 with Adobe Spark.

Just go to the homepage for MOV video conversion and download a clip. You can trim it or trim it if needed. Once logged in, you can download the newly converted file.

2. Zamzar

Zamzar home page.

Zamzar is a company with a mission to “provide high quality file conversion to as many file formats as possible”.

To use Zamzar to convert MOV to MP4 for free, click the button Converters drop-down list at the top of the site and select Video converters. You will be able to upload your files and convert them online.

The name of the site is a funny literary allusion to Kafka’s famous book “The Metamorphosis”. In the story, the protagonist, Zamzar, inexplicably becomes a giant bug, symbolic of the transformation your files will undergo here. Who Said There Is No Culture In Technology?

3. Wondershare Media.io

Using Wondershare's Media.io site to convert MOV to MP4.

Wondershare’s Media.io online video converter is very similar to Zamzar’s. This appears to be a service that comes with the Wondershare UniConverter 13 app, which we will cover shortly.

Wondershare online video converter does not require any download and is completely free to use. All you have to do is upload your file and click Convert.

4. CloudConvert

Convert MOV to MP4 using CloudConvert.

Another kind of upload-and-go video conversion service. If you want to know how to change MOV to MP4 without downloading some weird third-party app and none of the previous sites are right for you, CloudConvert is a solid option.

CloudConvert is great because it supports just about any combination of file formats you can use, MOV to MP4 most definitely included. If you have less than 25 MOV to MP4 video conversions to do today, you won’t even need to pay a subscription.

Those who need more will be happy to see their subscription plan determined on a sliding scale, priced according to what they need to do. With a paid subscription, you get a few other perks: high priority downloads and no limit on the size of your downloaded files.

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How to Convert MOV to MP4 with a Downloadable App

For those of us with a lot of video files to deal with, there are tons of creative apps designed specifically for the task.

For large projects and missions, all of the following will do the job, guaranteed. You may already have one or two installed on your computer.

1. Adobe Premiere

Exporting an H.264 MP4 from Premiere.

Although this is kind of a backdoor solution, Adobe Premiere can be used to convert MOV files to MP4 files. You basically create a sequence of a clip and export it to MP4 format. Call your video file, place it in the timeline and export it as a file H.264.

2. Adobe Media Encoder

Using Media Encoder to Convert MOV to MP4.

Media Encoder is the better option here; it is literally designed to convert files in bulk. Click it more sign at the top of the queue and upload your clip. To choose H.264 as the destination container, select your destination folder and press to play to get things going. For batch processing of MOV to MP4, Media Encoder is our main recommendation.

If you’ve ever exported a video file using Premiere or Media Encoder, you know exactly how this process works. Nothing crazy to see here.

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iMovie can be used to convert video files just like Premiere. All you need to do is import your MOV, add it to the timeline, and export it as MP4.

Almost any type of video editing application can be used in this way — AVID, Final Cut, etc. If a video program can work with MOV files, there is a good chance that it can output as MP4 as well.

4. VLC media player

Using VLC Media Player to Convert MOV to MP4.

Is there something that VLC Media Player cannot do? Yes, everyone’s favorite orange cone can even convert video files from MOV to MP4. How? ‘Or’ What?

Of Media drop-down list, select Convert / Stream. Call up your video file and choose your destination profile, MOV to MP4 or other. Hit Save as file to start your video conversion.

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5. QuickTime Player Pro

Finally, we come to the QuickTime app itself, the one that started it all. You can convert MOV to MP4 using QuickTime, but only Pro version. Although the free version of QuickTime can convert video files to a certain extent, you really only have the ability to change the quality of the file, not the file container itself.

To convert video to MP4 with QuickTime Pro, upload your video file and export it from the app with the appropriate output option selected under the Export as scrolling menu.

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The body is a vehicle, and so are these file containers

Can you really choose the best type of file to use? We would say no, the best type of file to use is the one your system will accept. If you’re working with MOVs and something needs to get you going, these nine web apps and services will get the job done in no time. Plug it in, send it and watch it fly.

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