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How to “reset” a failing internet connection with frequent DNS issues


I learned yesterday from my neighbor, who uses the same local WISP as me, that our provider has “reset” his connection – which has restored his service after more than an entire day without internet. My service, like his, has experienced frequent dropouts, DNS outages, and websites not opening. Sometimes restarting my router restores service. What other “reset” options are there?

Our wireless broadband provider is in a town 20 miles away. The wireless signal travels by microwave from their HQ to a relay station on a now unused water tower about 2 miles from my house (and more from his, it’s ranch country so “next door” means a quarter of a mile or more). On my side, the receiver and modem (a single Ubiquiti unit) are on top of a pole in my yard, so I have line of sight to the water tower. From the receiver/modem, an Ethernet cable runs to the house and through the wall, terminating in an RJ45 socket on the inside wall. From there a short cable (2ft) goes to a POE box (also Ubiquiti) which is just a master key for the internet signal, but also has a mains socket which powers the modem/receiver via the Ethernet cable. From the POE box, another Ethernet cable goes to the router. From there it’s all WiFi.–desktop, laptop, printer and smartphone. No cables from the router to any of the “devices” in the network.

The router has a power switch, so power cycling is simple. I could restart the modem/receiver by pulling the power plug from the POE box. Computer power cycling is simple. The printer is turned off unless there is a print job – then it turns on, prints whatever is in the print queue, and turns off again. It can take several days without printing anything.

In this configuration, what exactly would “reset internet connection” mean and when might it be a good idea? Is this something I can do or can it be done only by the service provider, remotely from corporate headquarters?