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How web filtering can increase your productivity and security


The Internet is a huge and useful resource. However, not all websites are useful for a business and many of them can actually waste time and cause security issues. A site like Facebook isn’t really useful when your employees are wasting time scrolling through their feed instead of working. This means that many companies have taken the plunge and introduced web filtering technology to stop this type of activity. With an effective web filter in place, there are a number of ways a business can increase productivity and security.

Restricting access allows employees to stay focused

When a company tries to restrict access to certain sites, it sees its employees spending much less time on non-work-related sites. This is especially true when they block access to social media sites. IT pros estimate that up to 58% of employees spend about four hours per week on non-work-related sites when that activity is not blocked. And up to 26% of employees lose more than seven hours per week on non-work sites. This means that a lot of time and money is wasted on unnecessary internet activities. Even if a business restricts only one non-work-related site, non-work activity decreases dramatically. If all social media sites were blocked, non-work-related internet activity would drop again. Removing this temptation is a great way to increase productivity and keep staff focused on their jobs.

Improved network security

On the Internet, there are approximately 18.5 million sites infected with malware. If an employee clicks on one of these sites, you run the risk of infecting your network with malware, which has the ability to steal data and use your processing power. You can obviously teach your employee to be aware of dangerous websites. However, a better approach would be to introduce content filtering to allow you to block all malicious sites. It will definitely reduce your risk of infection.

Improving network efficiency and reducing costs

A business will typically invest a lot of money in business technologies designed to meet customer needs in the most efficient manner. However, if an employee is busy wasting time looking at non-work related sites, it will inevitably put additional and unnecessary strain on your network. Streaming video itself is a data-intensive activity, which means your network slows down to be able to meet all of that demand. If you configure content filtering, it can prevent employees from doing these kinds of things.

No more HR nightmares

If you don’t have a filter in place, a member of your team could potentially see inappropriate material, which can offend you and leave you vulnerable to legal action. It is possible that someone is missing out when offensive material is posted on someone else’s computer. Unfortunately, this could lead to HR receiving a complaint. This is something that needs to be resolved immediately; if not, potentially, you could have legal action against you. A content filter can fix this problem for you before it manifests itself.


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