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Internet use increases among older age groups


Internet use by Taiwanese aged 60 or older increased by nearly 3 percentage points between 2019 and 2020, a report by the National Development Council (NDC) revealed on Monday.

The report was presented by the council’s Information Management Department at a committee meeting to discuss digital development and information trends in Taiwan.

Internet communications of Taiwanese aged 60 or older increased from 53.5% in 2019 to 56.2% in 2020.

Internet use is often believed to decline after age 60 as reading text on a screen becomes increasingly difficult, said department head Hsieh Tsui-chuan (謝翠娟).

However, the 3 percentage point jump was the highest growth rate among all age groups in 2020, according to the report.

Possible reasons are that people reaching this age bracket today are more likely to have become accustomed to the internet in their lifetime, and the internet is now more essential for staying in touch with friends, children and grandchildren, Hsieh said.

The report also showed that 65.2% of respondents over the past three months said they used the internet almost daily, an average of 6.7 days a week.


Meanwhile, Taiwanese between the ages of 20 and 29 are the most prone to internet addiction, at 11.2 percent, he said.

This is followed by the 12 to 17 year old group at 9.6% and the 30 to 39 year old group at 9.1%. Internet addiction among people aged 18 to 59 ranged from 6.9% to 8.6%, although the NDC did not provide details on how it determined these numbers.

According to the report, the top three online activities people engage in are instant messaging (83.6%), video entertainment (76%) and researching products and information online (65.4%). %).

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