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Is Doctor Strange Really in the New Trailer?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has kicked off its fourth phase into high gear. One of the films in the MCU’s Phase Four lineup is the highly anticipated Spider-Man: No Path Home. Marvel Studios recently dropped the trailer for the film after an informal leak online, and while fans are excited, Doctor Strange’s behavior has surprised many. Fans now can’t help but wonder if this was really Doctor Strange in the new trailer.

New trailer details events after “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

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When fans last met the web-slinger, he had trusted the wrong man, Mysterio, and handed him his Tony Stark legacy. Mysterio then used technology from Stark Industries to unleash all manner of evil in the world and terrorize Spider-Man while he was there.

After battling Spidey, Mysterio, as a last resort, reveals Spider-Man’s identity to the world, leaving the friendly neighborhood superhero to himself. Spider-Man: No The way back picks up after the world finally learned of Peter Parker’s identity as a web-slinger.

Peter struggles to adjust to his new reality as everyone blames him for Mysterio’s death. Peter also lands on police radar when questioned about his possession and use of Stark technology, with police labeling him a terrorist.

Tired of all this, Peter approaches Doctor Stephen Strange to return to the normalcy he experienced before. He enlists Strange’s help in going back in time. While the master of the arts is busy conjuring up a time reversal position, the spell goes awry, resulting in many unfortunate events, including the release of villains from other universes.

This leaves Spider-Man with an even bigger mess than before as he has to fix things up once again. While the trailer is very clear on the role of Doctor Strange, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt, as Marvel Studios trailers often come with their fair share of deception.

Plus, given that the trailer was a last-minute Sony release to pick up what was already there, we might see something completely different in the movie. Still, Doctor Strange’s role in the trailer left fans with plenty of questions.

Is this really Doctor Strange in the trailer? He acts a little strangely

The trailer left fans expecting the movie to drop, but Doctor Strange’s behavior has led many to believe he’s not himself, according to Digital Spy. For starters, when he first appears, he wears a parka, which raises eyebrows.

On top of that, her conversation with Peter seems quirky, unlike Strange fans who have gotten used to it in previous MCU movies. Additionally, it seems her relationship with Wong has grown strained as they seem cold and distant. The No way home The trailer showed the Doctor promising Wong that he would not cast the spell, Wong warning him of its implications. However, in the following shot, we see Strange cast the same spell his colleague had warned him against.

Additionally, Doctor Strange’s willingness to help Peter spoil the timeline is highly questionable, given that he believes in not interfering with the universe and not casting spells unnecessarily. All of these arguments put forward lead many fans to believe that the Strange trailer is not the same protector of reality but an impostor. However, others seem to think Strange is just himself.

Is There More Than It Looks With Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange’s last appearance in the MCU was in Avengers: Endgame, where he played with half of the souls in the universe. Although he appears to have come out of battle unscathed, who knows the price to be paid for his sanity.

Strange has always been known to have a rebellious side towards him. Thus, that his behavior in No way home is meant to introduce fans to something much bigger or not, its appearance in the film promises a fun ride.

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