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It’s about time you had a personalized internet homepage


You may not know that you can set just about any webpage as your homepage. After that, it will be the first page you see whenever you open your browser or a new tab. When it comes to portals that make a good start page, there are plenty of options to choose from, like Yahoo! or MSN. But doesn’t it make sense to define your primary destination as something that can be personalized or tailored to your interests? Signal Kadaza, a web portal originally founded in 2008, which showcases and provides access to the best and most popular sites on the web. Be it news, blogs and career advice, social media, etc., all websites featured on Kadaza are “selected with the utmost care” and organized “in the best way”. Because that seems a bit vague, let’s take a closer look at some of the features that Kadaza offers. Then you will know if you want to make it your homepage.

Start customizing now

Personalized start page

In the same way that you can customize your homepage in your browser, you can customize your Kadaza portal by promoting some of your most frequently visited web pages as shortcuts – you may also recognize the configuration of some of the larger , like Yahoo or AOL. You also don’t need to register to use this feature. Organizing your list of favorites after adding them is super easy, and you can simply drag and drop items onto the page. To get started, click the customize icon on the homepage, and you’re good to go!

Moreover, you can also customize the start page by changing its appearance. Choose your favorite colors, patterns, images and themes to instantly change its look. There are hundreds of backgrounds and themes to choose from, with categories like nature, animals, cities, and beyond.

All search engines, one field

Kadaza Powersearch for convenient queries.

Searching the Internet through Kadaza is fast, comprehensive and convenient. All of the most popular search engines are grouped together, so all you have to do is query through one box and you’ll get results where you need them most.

This joins Kadaza Powersearch feature, which displays relevant search results when you type a query. You’ve probably come across this feature before, but implementing Kadaza benefits from its vast selection of search opportunities.

Organized content, when you want it

Kadaza on multiple devices like phones, tablets, etc.

Thanks to a global network of fans, the Kadaza team has collected the most popular websites, with an up-to-date display of the most used, from nearly 60 countries. So it’s basically an online global encyclopedia for websites. The most popular websites are sorted in colored categories, making it easier to find what you want or need. It’s also a great way to get a glimpse of what residents of other countries are doing or watching while online.

Best of all, the platform is optimized to be viewed on tablets and mobile devices like your smartphone. You don’t have to do anything special to access or view the personalized experience. Just head to Kadaza.com whatever device you use and that’s it!

If you like simplicity, Kadaza is a great website to use as your homepage. The website is clean, simple and gives a useful overview of all the popular sites on the web. There’s an innovative search bar and you even have customization options if you want to customize things to your liking.

How do I make Kadaza my homepage?

If you’re using Chrome, just go to Settings > Appearancemake sure the Display the Home button is enabled, and enter the Kadaza URL in the personalized web address field. The process is similar if you are using the Brave browser.

If you are using Firefox, open Settings > Home and under the Home page and new windows drop down select Custom URLs. Then, in the URL field, paste or type the Kadaza URL.

Kadaza has a more detailed tutorial with screenshots if you need them. If you are on mobile, you can follow this guide In place. Kadaza is also available at Google Play Store.

Start customizing now

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