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Jack Dorsey Blames ‘Centralized Internet’, Misses Web Beginnings Like IRC, and MORE


Jack Dorsey partly blames himself for what happened to the internet, with the Twitter founder saying he’s part of what made the “centralized internet” as to what the present reflects. The tech mogul said he missed the early days of the web when IRC protocols were around and email with PGP was the main communication channel.

Jack Dorsey criticizes the “centralized Internet”

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JANUARY 09: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey speaks during a press event at CES 2019 at Aria Resort & Casino on January 9, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES, the world’s largest annual consumer technology trade show, runs until January 11 and features approximately 4,500 exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services to more than 180,000 attendees.

The world has focused on many services with the Internet in its early days, and the global web has brought many features for everyone from all sides available. Jack Dorsey said these parts went through the progression of the internet which came when it became “centralised”, something that he is partly responsible.

The former Twitter CEO said he regrets having played a role in creating the centralized internet as the public knows it, especially since corporations have damaged its nature compared to what it offered before. The public is the most affected because they are consumers of the online connection, need its services and have a life closely linked to it.

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Dorsey misses the early days, simpler times

According to Engadget report, the Twitter founder said he missed the early days when there were still usernet and IRC protocols that the internet adhered to at that time. Back then, users were simple internet era despite decentralization unlike now where everything is complex despite all-in-one services available for their use.

Internet is centralized, what does that mean?

Centralization on the Internet means that everything you need is in one place, with a manager and a company behind it. These are the trends on the internet these days, with products and companies focusing on bringing all services together in one place and giving the public many choices for one service for all their needs.

An example of this is social media platforms that offer an all-in-one service that provides many features for the public to use on the internet. From a social network that would deliver media and entertainment, to a communication service, to other features like podcast capabilities, games, marketplaces, and more.

Dorsey played a huge role in the advancement of the internet before and he talked about the many developments he had that made it what it is in the present. It is true that the Internet is centralized in a way that brings everything the world has now, and almost every service heavily depends on it, with people’s lives revolving around it.

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