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Keto, Fast, or Whole 30 – Which Diet is Best for Weight Loss in 2022?


Keto is nothing new

The Keto Diet is another trendy weight loss plan, although Susie warns that it’s not such a new concept.

“This diet has been around for a while,” Susie said. “I feel like he has a really good marketing director because every now and then this regime gets famous.”

The Keto Diet severely limits your intake of carbohydrates, while increasing your intake of fat and protein. The goal is to achieve a state of ketosis, “a metabolic state in which you burn fat for energy instead of burning carbohydrates for energy,” said Susie.

“Basically, you are asking your body to get rid of fat rather than carbohydrates from the diet,” Cheskin said.

However, the Keto diet can be difficult for a person.

“Getting there can be a little brutal,” said Susie, noting that people who are new to the diet often suffer from “Keto flu” for a few days in which they feel foggy, lethargic, and a headache. Other common side effects are trouble sleeping and constipation.

“When we remove some of these foods, we are removing key nutrients and removing a lot of fiber,” which can lead to constipation, said Susie.

Keto’s focus on fat isn’t very good for your heart either, Cheskin added.

“In some ways, this is a heart attack diet,” he said. “Eat all the bacon you want, just don’t have any potatoes – well, you’re on a diet that’s the opposite of what preventative cardiology would tell you to do.”

People will lose weight on Keto if they eat less, “but you would likely get a better health benefit if you lost a similar amount of weight using a healthier diet,” Cheskin said.

Beware at all 30

Cheskin and Susie were the most critical of the Whole 30 program, a diet in which participants cut out added sugars, grains, legumes, and dairy products for a solid month.

“What’s a little worrying about the Whole 30 Diet is that it was founded by people with limited nutrition education,” said Susie. “It’s extremely restrictive. For 30 days you will be eliminating a lot of different food groups.”