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Loyola receives Knott Foundation grant to expand outdoor Wi-Fi – newsroom


| By Andrew Aldrich

Loyola University of Maryland received a grant of $ 54,852 from the Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Foundation to support the University’s efforts to expand outdoor Wi-Fi service on the Evergreen Campus.

“Loyola University of Maryland is grateful for this grant from the Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Foundation and will use it for the good and safety of our students and our community,” said Randall Saba, director of the ‘information. “We look forward to increasing learning beyond our walls and fostering the opportunity for active personal engagement and collaboration.”

The grant will help fund access to outdoor Wi-Fi in parts of Loyola’s main campus serving students and the neighboring community. The improved outdoor Wi-Fi service will create additional learning spaces and provide students and faculty with more outdoor campus space for class, socializing and dining.

Outdoor Internet Access supports students without a data plan on their devices, expanding the areas on campus where students can access the Internet and work. Wi-Fi access also gives Loyola’s public safety officers the ability to use critical operating systems in the field.

Local community organizations that partner with Loyola University Maryland and local residents may also benefit from increased access to outdoor Wi-Fi. This includes the Govans Farmers Market, hosted by Loyola, which operates Wednesday afternoons at 5104 York Road from June through September.

Loyola University Maryland’s commitment to experiential learning and community engagement aligns with the Knott Foundation’s mission to strengthen communities in Maryland.

“We are delighted to partner with Loyola University on this project to expand digital access both on campus and in the surrounding community,” said Kelly Medinger, Executive Director of the Knott Foundation. “With so many activities taking place outside, we understand how important and timely it is to connect with people in this way. We are delighted that the Knott Foundation can step in and help in such a laudable endeavor. ”


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