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Massachusetts Sports Betting Timeline


A major deadline is looming Monday for Massachusetts sports betting.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission meet Thursdaythe most critical outcome being the reminder that all interested sports betting license applicants must submit a scoping survey before 5 p.m. Monday. Prospective MA sports betting operators must provide an information survey by the MGC application review deadline.

Other than that reminder, little substance came from the six-plus-hour MGC meeting, even with the timeline set to launch retail sports betting by the end. January. The commission also plans to launch online sports betting by the start March.

Sports betting takeaways from the Massachusetts meeting

Prior to Thursday’s meeting, a agenda point was reserved for public comments on the draft applications. While one operator filed an intention to submit a comment, there was none on Thursday.

The MGC also announced several contracts to help launch MA sports betting. The committee will work with International Gaming Laboratories (GLI) to help implement sports betting in the state.

At least five the operators have already submitted the scoping survey, according to the head of the communications division of MGC Thomas Mills. The commissioners spent a lot of time Thursday discussing how they might assess the nominations.

‘Wasting’ time in Massachusetts?

Commissioners have acknowledged that it will take a long time to narrow down applicants to Seven free sports betting licenses. More … than 40 entities have expressed interest in licensing.

Some have discussed using a numerical scoring system to arrive at end operators. At least one commissioner was skeptical about the scrutiny of each candidate.

“I understand that doing a thorough analysis of candidates who may never reach those top seven is a waste of resources for the Commonwealth,” the commissioner said. Jordan Maynard said.

Long Process for Massachusetts Sports Betting

After years of discussion, MA lawmakers have reached a deal for sports betting 1st of Augustwith Governor Charlie Baker sign it into law August 10.

The MGC is no stranger to lengthy meetings, regularly holding day-long sessions since Baker signed the legislation.

Despite the lengthy meetings, there is still little clarity for interested operators with whom to work in Massachusetts.