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Medical information to have on hand in case of emergency | around the web


Preparing for a medical emergency can mean the difference between immediate relief or exacerbated symptoms or, in some cases, life or death.

Guava Health has compiled a list of important medical information to prepare for an emergency. Having some key medical information can be important in helping doctors treat you for many different emergencies and health conditions. In some cases, such as with allergies to certain medications, your condition may actually worsen when doctors don’t know your medical history.

There are many ways to keep track of this information, from medical ID bracelets to a simple sheet of paper. Paper copies of medical history should be kept in several places, such as a wallet, glove compartment, and on the refrigerator at home, so that they are easy to locate. Some people prefer the convenience of emergency medical information cards, which provide easy and convenient ways to ensure medical information is always close at hand.

When traveling, be sure to note the medical facilities closest to where you are staying, carry all emergency contact information with you, and ensure that all medical devices are visible. People with diabetes can also wear a continuous glucose monitor, which tracks glucose levels and relays the information to healthcare professionals.