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Ministry expands chatbot services for migrant workers


An automated chatbot service for migrant workers on the Line instant messaging app has been upgraded with automatic notifications of visa and employment status, the Labor Ministry said on Friday.

The “1955 E-Line” chatbot was set up in May by the Workforce Development Agency to give migrant workers easier access to COVID-19 prevention information, offering services in English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai.

The upgrade would redirect users to the “1955 Line ID and Identity Binding” website, where they could sign up for the new function, the ministry said.

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By registering, workers would have access to services and notifications related to their personal employment and visa status in all four languages, he said.

The first feature of the update – which sends push notifications to subscribers reminding them of their job expiration date – was activated on Friday, director of the Labor Department’s workforce management division Hsueh said. Chien-chung (è–› é‘‘ å¿ ).

The feature would send push notifications four months, 14 days and seven days before a worker’s employment term in Taiwan ends, giving them enough time to plan their future employment in Taiwan, he said. declared.

The agency is implementing the upgrade in response to the high number of migrant workers who called the ministry’s hotline in 1955 to seek help on a wide variety of issues, he said.

The hotline receives numerous complaints from migrant workers who say they face language barriers when dealing with local regulations, as well as questions about their visa status as they have limited access to their records, a said Hsueh.

Migrant workers could lose track of their visas and employment status because their passports are often withheld by their employers, he said, adding that they often rely on their employers and employment agencies. to track their status.

Since the implementation of the chatbot, more than 120,000 people have registered and delivered 200 messages per subscriber on average, he said.

Seventy percent of the messages contained information about COVID-19 prevention, 16 percent related to the rights of migrant workers and 14 percent were safety reminders, Hsueh said.

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