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Opera: integrating Cosmos Internet of blockchains into Opera’s Web 3- and crypto-compatible mobile browser


September 30, 2021 – Opera, the world’s first browser with Web 3 capabilities and a built-in crypto wallet, today announced plans to provide millions of Opera mobile users worldwide with access to Internet Cosmos of blockchains, for sustainable and regenerative digital finance.

This initiative is led by ixo, an open source software foundation that uses Cosmos blockchain technologies to build the global internet of impact. In collaboration with the Interchain Foundation, the ixo team leads the Interchain Earth program, with a mission to give people around the world access to decentralized digital technologies to create sustainable economies that allow communities to thrive, regenerate the planet and respond to the climate crisis.

“We now have the historic opportunity and the technological means to create a citizen-centered and sustainable global financial system. Millions of people already use the Opera mobile browser to access the Internet. With Opera, we make it easy for everyone. with a mobile phone to access reliable and powerful new internet technologies and innovations such as symbolic community currencies that are already changing people’s lives and transforming local economies around the world, ”said Dr Shaun Conway, President of the ixo Foundation.

Cosmos is a dynamic and rapidly growing ecosystem of more than 200 interconnected sovereign blockchain networks, which offer decentralized finance applications (DeFi) and web services 3. The revolutionary Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, innovated by the Foundation Interchain, allows these networks to interconnect in an internet of blockchains, with bridges to networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Each network joining this new Internet adds an exponential market and potential for economic growth, through network effects. Cosmos has the potential to become the leading ecosystem for sustainable and regenerative digital finance.

“By integrating the IXO blockchain ecosystem into our mobile browser, we see the huge potential to create internet-wide access to decentralized finance and new tokenized economies,” said Susie Batt, Head of Crypto ecosystem at Opera.

About the opera

Founded in 1995 in Norway, Opera provides AI-powered browsers and digital content discovery solutions to hundreds of millions of people around the world. The company remains one of the world’s most innovative creators of browsers. In 2018, Opera became the first major browser to include a native crypto wallet and Web 3 support, and continued to pursue blockchain initiatives through its wholly owned subsidiary Blueboard. Opera is listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol OPRA. For more information see: www.opera.com, Twitter: https://twitter.com/Opéra

About ixo

Ixo has been leading the development of an impact Internet since 2017, through which sustainable decentralized financing (DeFi) and impact verification applications can be deployed and made accessible across the Internet.

The Internet of Impact is formed by interconnecting globally and locally distributed blockchain networks that implement the ixo protocol. It enables an open standard to produce verifiable statements about changes in the state of the world, which are the basis for impact creators to create non-fungible impact tokens (NFTs). The token impact economy, with assets such as token carbon credits, has the potential to fundamentally transform the way markets for capital, goods and services will operate in the years to come. For more information see: https://ixo.world, Twitter: https://twitter.com/ixoworld


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