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Paper Girls Season 1 Questions We Hope To See Answered


Spoiler alert: Paper Girls Season 1

paper girls is a science fiction drama series created by Stephany Folsom. The show is based on the hit comic book series of the same name, written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Cliff Chiang. paper girls only recently premiered on Amazon Prime in July this year and has already been a hit with viewers.

The time-traveling show began in 1988 and follows four young girls, Erin, KJ, Tiffany and Mac, all of whom deliver items on a dark, gloomy morning just after Halloween. The job is the last hope they have, all for different reasons. For Erin, this job means she can start a new life for herself and her family, while for KJ, it’s a way to escape from her “perfect” life, which she doesn’t want. Tiffany needs the money to start her future and pursue her dreams, while for KJ it’s just a job, which for her is a step in the right direction.


However, when they are unwittingly caught up in a conflict with time travelers and end up in a time war. They are sent on a wild and thrilling journey through time that will ultimately save the world, and on their journeys they explore different versions of themselves and must decide if they want to accept what they see and what will be their fate.

The season finale left us on a serious cliffhanger, and fans and critics alike are hungry for a season two. That’s because we were left with a lot of unanswered questions, so let’s recap how the first season ended and exactly what fans want to know.

As the season followed the girls trying to navigate time while coming to terms with the fact that they had seen their future, we also gradually found more information about the Time War.

The war is between two factions: the STF Underground, a rebel group who believe the future can be changed for the better by time travel, and the Old Watch, who are the authorities in charge of controlling the timeline and not keeping it away. falsify. . Just before the girls were thrown back in time, it was STF members Heck and Naldo that they came into contact with.

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In the war, led by Old Watch member Prioress, Heck and Naldo manage to save the girls, handing over a strange gadget to Tiffany. Now the gadget can take the STF with an adult version of Erin to 2019 to find the girls and bring them home.

However, when they find the girls, along the way, something goes wrong, and they travel to 1999 instead of 1988. As they try to find their way home, they are attacked by the giant, creepy travel robot of Old Watch, where Larry is killed. , and the adult Erin sacrifices herself to destroy the robot. Not only were viewers shocked, but so was Erin as she just watched her future self die.

Viewers are taken on their wild goose chase to find a way home, which they now think (with the help of the 1999 version of Tiffany) might be a 1999 version of Larry’s house. Though other obstacles stand in their way when the Prioress, leader of the Old Watch, reaches Larry’s house. The ending was unexpected and left us hanging from a giant cliff.

What timelines are the characters in?

First, where the hell are KJ and Mac? When girls are thrown back in time, it’s easy to get lost. We last saw them inside a ship, again, sent to another timeline. But how will they get home? Did the prioress send them back in 88? However, they could also have traveled to the future to find a cure for Mac’s cancer. However, what timeline will it be in?

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It’s incredibly difficult to know what timeline everyone is in, especially when you see Erin and Tiff land at the farm years before ’88. How might this help the war with the Old Watch, and who will they encounter in this life? With them running around their younger selves, it’s pretty hard to find a purpose for that. However, knowing paper girls, another captivating twist will surely be added to it. We hope that traveling back in time may give Tiff the chance to find answers to her questions about her birth parents.

Along the way, there will surely be multiple versions of everyone, which means the chances of running into someone are very likely. This means there is hope of finding KJ and Mac and maybe even running into Juniper and Larry somewhere. Maybe we’ll even see a younger or older version of Prioress as they travel through time.

Why don’t Erin and Tiff remember?

This whole time travel thing is a weird experience, but so far we’ve come to realize that Old Erin and Old Tiff don’t remember time travel. What does it mean? In their lifetime, did this not happen? Where did the Old Guard take the memory? If so, does that mean they’re technically on the right track, older versions just don’t remember, or did they create something completely new and mess up their entire lifeline?

Will the road in season 2 take you back to 1988?

Of course, the main question is: will they ever make it back home to 1988? It was a constant battle for viewers to see the girls return each time about to find their way back, only to be thrown back into another era all over again. What new deadlines will they find? Will they find their way home and will the world be saved?

Although the show was not officially renewed for a second season, there is speculation and fans are keeping their fingers crossed as we have many questions that we are desperately trying to get answered. Hopefully somewhere in the future we will see the paper girls Again.