It may be difficult to find a cash advance for retirees. This is especially true at an advanced age of retirement, as many banks only lend their loans to people under the age of 70. People who have reached or exceeded their 75th birthday often face considerable difficulties in obtaining a loan. This is true even with a small loan in the amount of a few hundred or a few thousand euros.

Still, trying to get a cash advance for retirees need not be doomed to failure from the outset. But on the contrary. Especially through a credit comparison on the Internet, in which as many offers are to be included, open up new opportunities for borrowing. Under certain circumstances, a guarantee can help to make a cash advance for pensioners possible.


On the Internet, it is very easy to apply for online payday loans via This is very important, as it is not necessary to go from bank to bank to get different offers there. Anyone who applies to a bank in his immediate vicinity and asks for a loan there will not seldom receive a refusal. This can be avoided from the outset by deliberately looking for a loan from a bank that is not afraid to lend to elderly people over 70 or 75.

For a credit comparison, you can use a loan calculator. It has the advantage that it is easy to use and is always available for free. In addition, the loan calculator can significantly facilitate the search for a cash advance for pensioners. 
For this purpose, the corresponding search criteria can be entered in order to only display the offers that are suitable for the loan applicant. Other possible search criteria are the loan amount, the repayment term and the number of monthly loan installments.

The maturities of all loans depend on the terms of the bank and the personal requirements of the borrower. The certain repayment over a longer period appears, the longer the term can be. For pensioners, there is the difficulty that the risk of serious illness or dying before the end of the repayment period is significantly higher than other people. This risk increases with age. If a person aged 80 or over still wants to get a loan, they usually have only one chance if the repayment term is limited to a few months or a maximum of one year.

Credit conditions

The most important requirement for borrowing is a regular income. This is available at a pensioner, even if the pension differently can be high. In fact, a retiree’s income is actually much more secure than an employee’s income because a retiree no longer runs the risk of losing his job and thus his income is lost or significantly reduced. Nevertheless, the banks assess the creditworthiness of a retiree much more cautious than an employee. The reasons for this are the older age and the rising risk of the retiree dying in the near future.

According to income, information is a decisive criterion for assessing creditworthiness. For many pensioners, the information is in order. If not, they may find it difficult to get a cash advance for retirees.

Cash credit means that the entire amount of money is paid in cash in one amount. If the lending bank is a branch bank, the money is paid there in cash. Alternative ways can be a courier delivery or a cash payment at the post office. The money comes then by money order and is to be picked up at the responsible post office.

Based on the personal requirements of the customer, the bank will decide how much money he can receive at maximum and in what time this money is repayable. For a retiree, it does not do much for him to take on a part-time job and use that money to pay off the loan. When assessing the creditworthiness of a cash advance for retirees is primarily the age and the associated risk of incomplete repayment of a cash advance for pensioners.

Regarding the age risk assessment, there are only limited differences between domestic and foreign banks. 
Many foreign banks have set even stricter criteria for setting the upper age limit than most German banks do. For example, in some cases, the maximum age for borrowing abroad is only 62 years. Elderly people have no chance there to receive no cash advance for pensioners. An exception exists only if there is a second applicant or a guarantor who is younger and, in addition, also meets all other credit requirements.

Installment loan or credit line

credit line

A cash advance for retirees does not necessarily have to be an installment loan. Often retirees have a credit line in their current account, the amount of which is based on the amount of the monthly pension. This approach is similar to the approach that banks apply to workers who have a regular monthly income.

An advantage of a credit line is that it is always available when the retiree needs a smaller or larger amount of cash that is within the scope of the dispolimit. Unless it happens too often, most banks are prepared to tolerate short-term overdrafts of the dispolimit. But then higher borrowing rates are usually calculated. An out-of-pocket loan is subject to a specific borrowing rate, which is set by the banks and checked at regular intervals, and adjusted as needed to meet changing requirements.

The question of whether an installment loan or an emergency loan is more useful can generally not be answered clearly. Too many factors play a role here. It depends, among other things, on which options are available at all and which variants are more cost-effective and less expensive. A thorough comparison and comparison of costs and expenses would be appropriate here in any case.

Application, payment, repayment

The request for a cash advance for pensioners must be submitted to the bank responsible for the loan application. This can be either the house bank or another bank. As soon as all documents are available, the loan application is decided. If the bank requires a guarantor or other collateral, it will notify the client when making the application.

If a cash advance for pensioners can be granted, the applicant will receive a message from the bank immediately. Now the payout on the way can be used. In what form this happens, the bank will also make a corresponding message. The credit agreement must be signed by the bank and the borrower. If there are other applicants or a guarantor, these persons must also sign the contract. The repayment of the loan begins and ends at the agreed time. Monthly rates are usually the same for a cash advance for retirees.