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People are dating through Discord, Venmo and other non-dating apps


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Spring has begun to melt the last season of handcuffs, and the dating game is now on. But between Tinder scam and West Elm Caleb, cynical flirtations online might have you wondering if it’s possible to meet someone.

Finding love is not limited to dating apps, as people meet their partners all over the World Wide Web. From Twitch channels to Target customer support chatdigital platforms do not designed for dating have also been hotbeds for falling in love (or making friends, like the cut previously reported).

Ray Russo, 23, met his current boyfriend in 2019, on a Discord server for tarot-based dating sim app The Arcana. They discussed the characters in the romance-based interactive role-playing game, bonding over their mutual interest in the story.

“A few friends started making a separate, smaller server and asked if we wanted to join them,” she told BuzzFeed News. “Finally one day he asked me if I wanted to go out with him. So I said sure, and he sent me a DM later confirming that we were now partners. And I said yes. “

While not explicitly a dating app, Discord has increasingly become a platform for people to establish romantic relationships. Sydney Hoang, 19, said it was partly because of the pandemic. “It’s been hard to meet people, given that the school is online and everything is closed,” Hoang, who said his friends met people on Discord, told BuzzFeed News.

Getting to know each other online meant lots of messaging and watching movies on screen sharing, and for months they texted each other on Discord. “Baby what if we kissed and we were neopets”, they wrote. Finally in 2020, Russo’s boyfriend flew from North Carolina to Los Angeles for their first IRL date at Universal Studios. “He had never been there before, so it was fun to show him around,” she said. They hit it off, but soon after, the COVID pandemic started.

Due to the pandemic, most of their relationship has been on Discord, but it has evolved over DMs. “I feel like this will be us when we get married,” Russo wrote, sending a meme of the The Big Bang Theory. They even met their third partner on the same Arcana Discord server, and the three met in person in November last year. “It was the best thing ever,” Russo said.

The group hopes to move in together one day, although Russo said their plans are on hold until they can live closer and earn some more money. “It was nice to meet online, because we didn’t know what each other was like, so we got to know each other’s personalities,” she said.