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Police recover money lost by young people as a result of internet fraud


A young man, who called a number he found while browsing the customer service of an internet bank, lost 70,000 yen, but the timely intervention of the Ernakulam Rural Cyber ​​Police succeeded in recovering his silver.

The young man from Kizhakkambalam has an account with a leading bank. He sought out the bank’s customer service center to complain about a failed transaction. However, the number issued over the Internet was reportedly managed by crooks posing as banking authorities.

The youngster downloaded an app on their instance as a result of which his cell phone was taken over by the impostors, giving them access to all vital information.

Eventually he lost 70,000 from his credit card. Following this, he petitioned District Police Chief (Ernakulam Rural) K. Karthik, who in turn formed a special cyber police squad.

Investigators discovered that the impostors purchased a laptop and cell phone from an online portal using the swindled money. The police were able to freeze the transaction and took steps to credit the amount back to the youth’s account.

“People have to be careful when looking for phone numbers on the Internet because they can fall prey to con artists,” Karthik said.

A team led by Inspector MB Latheef, Deputy Inspector MJ Shajo, Civilian Police Vikas Mani, PA Rafeek and Jery Kuriakose investigated the case.