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Revised Privacy Sandbox schedule, Chrome FLoC test delayed


Earlier this year, Google said it would delay plans to replace third-party cookies and began to come up with a detailed timeline. The Privacy Sandbox timeline gets its monthly update today, and Chrome won’t start testing FLoC and other ad / relevant content technologies until the first quarter of next year.

Google first released the Privacy Sandbox timeline in July. For September, Google is delaying slightly when the technologies for “Show[ing] Relevant Content and Ads ”will start at“ Testing ”- defined as when:“ All technologies for the use case are available for developers to test and can be refined based on the results. “

The two underlying APIs are group-based Federated Cohort Learning (FLoC) and FLEDGE, which enables remarketing without third parties being able to track user navigation on sites. Testing was originally scheduled to begin in Q4 2021, but there are now three months of discussion left. Google has yet to report whether Steps 1 and 2 will be affected by these specific changes.

Chrome now offers Privacy Sandbox settings (chrome: // settings / privacySandbox) and has run more limited original FLoC trials for developers up to Chrome 91.

Meanwhile, the scaled-up (wider) availability of user agent reduction is now expected to begin in the second quarter of next year instead of the second half of 2022. Moved to the top, this privacy measure reduces ” Passive fingerprint surfaces’ of your browser to brand / main version, mobile or desktop distinction and platform. This deployment will be completed by Chrome 113 (stable in Q2 2023).

In a statement, Google explains how:

With this month’s privacysandbox.com schedule update, we’re adjusting the timelines slightly for a few proposals, including FLoC and Fledge. which best enhances people’s privacy without prompting people to switch to worse alternatives like fingerprinting.

More detailed changes are available here.

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