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Round table on Ukraine. – Eastern Michigan University


Crisis in Ukraine

Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 7-8:30 p.m.

Join professors from Eastern Michigan University to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including its historical, cultural, and political dimensions, cyber warfare, effects on global energy and manufacturing, and vast implications for the contemporary world.

This event is open to the EMU community and the general public.


LBC credit is available for students attending this webinar.


James Eggeprofessor of history and associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Peter Higginsprofessor of philosophy and head of the department of history and philosophy

Andrii Kashliev, “Russian Cyberwar Against Ukraine and the World”

Andrii Kashliev is an associate professor of computer science. He conducts research in big data management, focusing on data modeling and large-scale scientific workflows. Kashliev’s broader interests include big data, databases, data analytics, data science, provenance, Semantic Web, Internet of Things (IoT) and service computing. He has published numerous research articles in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences.

Jesse Kauffman, “‘The Ukrainian Does Not Exist’: The Ukrainian Nation-State and Its Enemies Since the 19th Century”

Jesse Kauffman is a history teacher. His teaching and research focus on modern European military and political history. He is currently finishing a book on the Eastern Front of World War I, which includes an analysis of Ukraine’s struggle to free itself from the disintegrating Russian Empire.

Judith Kullberg, “Vladimir Putin and the Return of Russian Imperialism”

Judith Kullberg is a professor of political science. His research focuses on Russian political elites, parties, and foreign and domestic policy. She participated in the Harvard Election Study of Russia’s first post-Communist elections, conducted focus group research on Russian political elites, and taught international relations as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of State of Samara. She led an EMU study abroad course in St. Petersburg and Moscow in 2018.

Andrew Mansfield, “Understanding Modern European Electrical Systems and Chemical Manufacturing: Russian Control and Its Role in the Ukraine Crisis”

Andrew Mansfield is assistant professor of mechanical engineering. He directs the EMU Energy Systems Laboratory and his research focuses on energy and thermofluid systems, from basic science to applications in the design of automotive and electrical systems. Prior to his time at EMU, Mansfield worked as an engineer on major offshore oil and gas projects for Shell Oil Company and as an advanced combustion systems engineer for General Motors.

Rachel Schroeder, “Holy War? The role of religion in the Russian invasion of Ukraine »

Rachel Schroeder is an assistant professor of sociology whose research and teaching focuses on culture, politics, religion and social change. His current research addresses the important but understudied question of the impact of religious resurgences on the rights and freedoms of minorities in formerly secularized societies, with Russia as a case of interest. Her work in this area has been published in Religion, State and Society, and she is currently working on a book analyzing a historical series of “culture wars” style clashes in Russia that culminated in the trial and sentencing of two members of the Pussy Riot punk band.