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Sind drought hits climax as Indus thirst increases


KARACHI: Water scarcity has reached its extreme in Sindh while water scarcity in Indus has reached 59.1 percent, sources said.

The Indus River, the vital water source greening the arid and deserted lands of Sindh, has a shortage of 79.1 percent at Guddu Barrage and 43.1 percent at Sukkur Barrage, irrigation sources said.

There are also fears that such an extreme shortage could cause a drinking water crisis in the cities of Sind, especially Karachi, the megacity below the tail of the river, for which the water supply of the Indus is the main source, which meets the needs of a burgeoning population. millions in the megalopolis.

The Sindh Irrigation Department has sent a protest letter to the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) and expressed serious concerns over severe water shortage in the province and demanded to release water in the Sindh province so that shortages can be made up during the kharif season.

In its letter, the Sindh Irrigation Department protested against the severe water shortage in Sindh and the non-implementation of the 1991 River Water Allocation Agreement.

Sindh Irrigation Minister Jam Khan Shoro said earlier that Sindh province is facing severe water crisis due to unfair distribution of water shares by IRSA.

“The IRSA does not distribute water between provinces on an equal basis during water shortages in accordance with the 1991 water agreement.