Home Web internet T-Mobile lowers the price of 5G home internet from $ 10 to $ 50

T-Mobile lowers the price of 5G home internet from $ 10 to $ 50


T-Mobile is further improving its 5G home internet, lowering the price from $ 60 per month to $ 50.

T-Mobile Home Internet is the company’s competitor for broadband and satellite Internet. Users are given a modem router gateway that relies on T-Mobile’s 5G and / or 4G towers to provide the service. Most customers get a download speed of 35 to 115 Mbps (this burner consistently gets 90 to 120 Mbps down and 20 to 40 Mbps up).

T-Mobile has made a name for itself by offering simple plans with taxes and fees included. The company applies the same methodology to its home internet, setting itself apart from an industry that generated $ 9 billion in fees in a single year.

“It’s almost hard to imagine Americans paying ISPs over $ 9 billion in monthly fees in just one year,” said Dow Draper, executive vice president of emerging products at T-Mobile. “All this money goes beyond what people are already paying in service charges for something that has never been more critical. It is wrong, it is unnecessary and we are tackling it head on. Not only are we not charging ANY additional fees, but we are also changing our price, offering customers $ 10 off to compensate for the long-standing backward practices of other ISPs. We provide an affordable and reliable option for an industry in desperate need of change.

With no data caps and broadband speeds, T-Mobile Home Internet has already proven to be a game changer for users living in areas without traditional Internet coverage. Add no contracts and only $ 50 per month and the company’s service may be ready to support traditional broadband in its territory.


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