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Take a Closer Look at General Picard’s Skull Collection in ‘Star Trek: Picard’ – TrekMovie.com


“Penance,” last week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard, featured a dark alternate timeline featuring a “General Picard” who guarded a trophy room full of the skulls of those he defeated. Thanks to production designer Dave Blass, we’ve taken a closer look and more details on the victims of this dark Picard.

General Picard’s trophies

As he did last week with the season premiere Fleet, Dave Blass shared details on social media about the final episode, this time in a detailed gallery on Instagram. Again, and with his permission, we share them, formatted for the web.

In Ep 202, “Penance”, we get a glimpse of the dark side of Picard “The Borgslayer” with a showcase of his collection of skulls. As originally planned, it would be armor, but I felt that A) It was going to be very expensive to do properly B) It might not have as much of an impact as we wanted. It looked a bit like Michael Keaton’s Batman show of armor, which wasn’t quite as vicious as our world. We went to master Neville Page who designed the wide variety of skulls, some that were mentioned in dialogue while others were meant to just be in the background.

Of course, when it comes to the Ferengi, we’ve discussed bone versus cartilage in the ears. Many species have flexible dermal armor, Microdocodon gracilis had flexible and necessary hyoid bones for eating. Add to that humans having specially designed bones in their ears to aid auditory functions. The Ferengi Ears justified this type of discussion. Would the skeleton of an alien species decay and exist in the same way as humans? Osteology tells us that there are a wide variety of unique skeletal examples here on Earth. Extrapolating this to species on other worlds, we can expect to find a wide variety of differences. Thus the slightly green tint of the Vulcan bones, and the finely detailed “bones” of the Ferengi ears.

NOTE: Below we have associated the skull photo with the character or race where possible.

Cardassian – Gul Dukat
Vulcan – Director Sarek
Ferengis – Grand Nagus Zek
Klingons – General Martok
Saurian – Commodore Y’Shi

NOTE: New character (using Linus as a replacement)

Borg Sentinel – One of two

NOTE: new character (using Borg from First Contact as a replacement)

Lihn Zhee – Chieftan M’Talas

NOTE: New species named for showrunner Terry Matalas

Neville Page did the designs for all the skulls, then fabrication was handed over to Vincent Van Dyke and his team for fabrication with Jeff Lombard in Props adding the weapons to the bases, and the bases themselves were designed by James Addink.

(All behind the scenes photos courtesy of Dave Blass/Instagram)

Inside the dark world

Paramount+ also released a behind-the-scenes video in which Dave Blass talks about the trophy room and more.

New episodes of Star Hike: Picardy premiere on Thursday of Paramount+ in the US and on Fridays where Paramount+ is available worldwide. In Canada, it airs on CTV Science Fiction Channel on streams on have a strong desire to Thursdays. picard is also available Fridays on Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

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