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That’s why I got caught in the web of internet scammers


Beware, phishing wave! Michael Bolliger (49) was also the victim of fake emails

That’s why I got caught in the network of scammers on the Internet

Not just in Wallace, but across Switzerland, fake emails from federal officials have been flooding email inboxes for the past few days. Blick reader Michael Bolliger explains how he was duped by internet scammers.


Wallace Township police warn against such emails with Confederate letterhead…

Christian Kolbe

Fraudsters are becoming more and more pranksters on the Internet. So shameless that even the police publicly warn against it. However, the township police warning only applied to Wallace. “Bad,” says Blick reader Michael Bolliger (49), “affects the whole of Switzerland.”

Bolliger runs a service in Lucerne as a PC doctor and has many former clients. Many of them are also affected. “Many customers panicked when these emails arrived in their inbox.” and contacted Bolliger.

In the email with the PDF letter attached, the scammers claim that the recipients are guilty of distributing child sex material. From: A badly forged Swiss Confederation letterhead. The letters contain terms such as “Police.ch”, “Cybercrimepolice.ch” or “Europol” and are written in German or French.

number or prison

Bolliger fell into the trap of internet scammers. PC Expert didn’t respond to emails – which certainly shouldn’t have – but stupidly opened them. Opens can be tracked – this is how newsletter senders define the open rate of their emails. By opening it, Bolliger inadvertently signaled to the crooks that something might be up.

Nothing happens for a few hours, then he has the choice between five years in prison or settling the case by paying a few thousand euros. in order to maintain its reputation.

The e-mail with the sender “Polise Federale” is in crude German, full of errors, in which a public prosecutor of the “Republic of Versailles” is threatened.

Half an hour later, the crooks increase the pressure. Bolliger must choose between getting paid or going to jail. And the next email says, “You need to get back to us in a few hours or we’ll have to arrest you in front of your family and loved ones.”

Phishing is easier thanks to hackers

“It could be anyone”: Phishing is easier thanks to hackers,02:04,

Delete, don’t read!

Bolliger’s main concern is to warn others not to reply to these emails, but to delete them immediately. Wallace Township Police, who were the first to make the news public, also advise: ‘Under no circumstances should you contact the sender, i.e. do not respond to emails’ .

Danger of such attacks: Exchanging e-mails with fraudsters can lead to data theft. Or the pressure remains until one or the other pays.