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The Internet Worships Brie Larson as the “Crochet Queen”


On what can only be described as a rough day on the internet, at least one can always count on Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, to be a healthy web content superhero.

When we needed her most, Larson posted a photo of her wearing a top-to-bottom crochet outfit on an urban bike, instantly brightening up the timeline.

Larson aptly captioned the post, “Catch that crochet queen biking down Main Street.”

The tweet, which was tagged with fashion line Miu Miu, gained popularity on the social media site, garnering more than 23,000 likes in about 10 hours.

Fans obviously loved the comfy look, to the point that one user even shared a friend’s crochet Captain Marvel doll featuring Larson.

And it didn’t take long for users to spring up other pieces of fanart for Larson.

Last month we learned that the sequel to Brie’s 2019 helm smash hit Captain marvel, called Wonders, has already packed production.

With the sequel’s release date recently being pushed back to February 2023, that leaves only a long line of waiting for fans before the film’s release.

While the first film in the franchise was by no means a masterpiece, it was an origin story competent enough to steadily raise expectations for its successor, with Wonders crossed out by CandymaNia DaCosta isn’t the least of the reasons for the hype.

Check back here for all your latest Brie Larson news, including whether she’ll ever land that coveted Metroid role she’s not shy about wanting.