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The sacred timeline is the only one that doesn’t have Kang


Loki writer Michael Waldron confirms that there have always been multiple MCU timelines, but only the sacred timeline doesn’t have Kang the Conqueror.

LokiThe Sacred Timeline is the only one where Kang the Conqueror does not exist. Marvel Studios’ latest Disney + series officially established the multiverse, but it turns out it’s always been there. The only thing about this change is the fact that now they’re all in disarray as countless branches of the timeline grow and get unchecked.

Kicking off by her sloppy New York leg breakout from Avengers: Endgame, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) finds himself captured by the Time Variance Authority / TVA where he learned of the existence of the sacred timeline in his series. But it wasn’t until the finale titled “For All Time. Always” that the origins and motivations of the organization were better explained. Its creator, He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), said he instituted VAT in an effort to prevent his others from wreaking havoc like they did in the previous Multiversal War. Unfortunately, Sylvie (Sophia di Martino) was not convinced; she pushed Loki away forcefully and ignored the warning of the One Who Stayed as she stepped forward to kill him. This led to the rampage of the MCU Multiverse.

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Talk with Screen crash, Loki writer Michael Waldron explained in more detail the existence of the sacred timeline. Apparently there have always been other deadlines, but TVA’s role is to make sure that no branching reality moves away from it to create a different variant of The One Who Remains. This means that as it stands, the Sacred Timeline is the only one that doesn’t have Kang the Conqueror, as his existence would lead to another Multiversal War, just like what happened before.

There are always like different permutations and instances that occur. VAT has its own barometer, its own gauge of what is deviation from the baseline, the way it’s supposed to go. The way it went that produced He Who Remains. This is their baseline. And so they’re constantly calculating, “Okay, we see how time has always…” If you zoomed in on the timeline, it wouldn’t necessarily look like a straight line. It could almost look like the intertwined strands of a rope fluctuating and pointing here and there. When that becomes a problem for TVA, is when, by its own rules, when could something branch off in a way that produces a new timeline that could produce a new version of He Who Remains? It is the practical thing against which they guard themselves.

The one who stays seated at his desk in Loki.

Waldron’s comments also explain why there are so many variations, some of them even drastically different from each other, like with Lokis. It was a lingering question that the show did not explicitly address. As fun as it was to see them all together, it had always been interesting where everyone else had come from before they were all purged and sent into the void. Since nearly all of the notable Lokis have revealed their respective Nexus events, it was still hard to imagine them all existing given the idea that the Sacred Timeline was meant to be the only timeline, and TVA tries to keep it that way.

Given this explanation, this means that the death of the Remaining One simply freed the multiverse and did not bring it into being, as some had originally assumed. Back then, all time flows exist in a benevolent order; none of them strayed too far from the events of the sacred timeline to create Kang the Conqueror. There was also no overlap, which might explain why the heroes haven’t encountered their other variants unless they all end up in the TVA or Void together.

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Loki season 2 will return to Disney +.

Source: Screen crash

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