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WealthDesk launches a unified interface solution to allow retail investors to invest on the Internet


Investment technology platform WealthDesk has announced the launch of Embedded WealthDesk Gateway (EWG) which aims to enable integration with brokers and transaction systems with a simple interface designed to fit any website or app. EWG will allow users to invest in stocks, ETFs, and WealthBaskets on any app or website.

According to WealthDesk, EWG has the potential to increase Indians’ participation in capital markets by making it easier to invest in stocks, ETFs and other asset classes with just a few clicks, much like how UPI has increased the number of digital payment transactions in India by expanding coverage across India.

“With the EWG, users can easily place orders for stocks, ETFs, WealthBaskets and other asset classes, view their holdings and open a new brokerage account without having to switch to another app. or to another website. The integration of the brokerage infrastructure within the EWG will allow retail investors to instantly access unlimited opportunities on the internet where intent-driven users wish to make an investment,” says a statement from the company.

EWG is designed to empower all owners of finance-themed websites and apps to leverage their offerings by giving their users direct access to stocks, ETFs, bonds, and WealthBaskets from different touchpoints such as news content, search apps, consulting, AMC and distribution platforms.

Investment technology platform

Founded in 2016, WealthDesk is an internet-scale investment technology platform that builds the Unified Wealth Interface (UWI) for the asset and wealth management ecosystem in addition to brokerage.

Ujjwal Jain, Founder and CEO of WealthDesk, said, “At WealthDesk, we are constantly working to democratize wealth creation opportunities for millions of Indians. By consolidating an ever-growing number of brokers on the WealthDesk UWI vision, we have made it possible for any app or website to easily offer trading capabilities that would otherwise have to integrate separately with each broker. What UPI did for payments, EWG will do for the investment and wealth management industries.

Note that the Smallcase Gateway solution also helps users to trade stocks, ETFs and smallcases in any application or website, with their own brokerage account.

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February 24, 2022