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Web browsing: five tips for surfing the Internet without risk


The internet is part of everyone’s daily life and after the pandemic, its use has intensified even further. Unfortunately, the chances of falling victim to a cyberattack via the Internet are also increasing.

According to Check Point Software Technologies, the second quarter of 2022 saw an all-time high, with global cyberattacks increasing by 32% compared to the second quarter of 2021. In India, some of the most common dangers that Internet users can be exposed to are malware, phishing, among others. “It is important to be aware of the dangers we are exposed to whenever we perform tasks such as browsing sites or downloading an application,” says Manish Alshi, manager, Channels & Growth Technologies, Check Point Software, India & Saarc. The cybersecurity solutions firm offers the following tips for safe surfing and minimizing risk:

Only visit secure websites: Many websites do not have security measures in place, either because they are misconfigured or because they are malicious. For this reason, it is essential to take extreme precautions when sharing personal data on the Internet and to know which sites are safe. The best technique is to check if it follows the https IE security protocol. If the URL includes an -s at the end, it means that it is a secure site and meets protection standards. Another sign present in some browsers is a green padlock at the beginning of the link.

Always install updates: It is often thought that updating software and applications is not important. However, this habit of ignoring updates can be a huge risk; having the latest software update will optimize the level of security and is an effective strategy to protect data and files from potential security breaches, cyber attacks, etc.

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Do not use the same username and password for different online services: this is a serious mistake, because if a cybercriminal can access the user base and passwords of one online services or applications, it will be very easy to break into the rest. It is essential to use different users and passwords, and not to use easy-to-guess passwords.

Download applications only from official stores: Games, social networks, online banking… There are more and more mobile applications available for download. Make sure that whenever you download any of these apps, it is from the official store (Play Store, App Store, etc.). Read the different terms of use, because some of them can be abusive and in many cases you risk losing control of your data.

Protect your devices: Check Point Software offers ZoneAlarm Mobile (home version) and Harmony Mobile (enterprise version), mobile threat defense solutions that protect devices against advanced mobile attacks.

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* Check website URLs before visiting

* Updating software and apps is important

* Always different username and password

* Download apps only from official store