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Spider-Man: No Path Home is finally in theaters, shattering the multiverse and making previous iterations of the Web Crawler canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, aside from the shenanigans of the Multiverse, the final chapter of Tom hollandis the first Spider Man The trilogy offers fans another piece of the big puzzle of the Phase 4 timeline so far. With four movies and five TV shows mostly telling their stand-alone stories, it’s getting harder and harder to know when each MCU event is actually happening in relation to each other. Don’t worry, though. We are here to unravel the Spider-Man: No Path Home web timeline and help you understand how the latest MCU movie fits into all of the other Phase 4 productions.

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When “Spider-Man: No Way Home” will take place?

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Short answer: the main events of Spider-Man: No Path Home will take place in November 2024. How can we be so confident? Well we’ve known for a few years that Spider-Man: Far From Home, the last chapter of Marvel Infinity saga, takes place in the summer of 2024. In 2018, Thanos snapped his fingers while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet and vaporized half of life in the universe. It took the Avengers five years to reverse Thanos’ destructive wish, putting the Avengers: Endgame events in 2023. Far from home takes place after an entire school year when Peter Parker (Tom holland) goes on a summer trip to Europe with his high school class. So, we can say with certainty that everything that happens in Far from home takes place between June and September 2024.

The first scene of No way home starts exactly like Far from homethe events of come to a shocking conclusion. In the middle of the credits of Far from home, J. Jonah Jameson (Jk simmons) reveals Spider-Man’s identity to the world after being convinced by Mysterio (Jake gyllenhaal) that the Web-Crawler is a bad guy. This reveal comes a week after Peter’s final battle against Mysterio in London, so we can place it in summer 2024 at the earliest and early October 2024 at the latest. No way homePeter’s first act therefore deals with the disclosure of Peter’s secret identity and the legal proceedings the hero faces after being charged with murder.

Although Peter’s secret identity plays a big part in No way homeIn Peter’s story, the film doesn’t waste much time with Peter’s legal issues. With the help of a very special cameo, Peter is cleared of any crime and can move on with his life. Well, not quite, because a lot of people still believe Spider-Man to be a criminal. To make matters worse, the people around Peter are suffering the consequences of his life as a hero, which ultimately prevents his girlfriend MJ (Zendaya) and his best friend Ned (Jacob Battalion) to go to college.

The trio together found out that MIT was turning down their applications in a scene that takes place in the cafe where MJ works. As they digest the saddest news of their lives, the store owner tells MJ that she should remove the Halloween decorations, which means Peter’s legal issues were resolved around October 2024. The answer MIT negative came in November, after Halloween. At this point, Peter decides to enlist Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to erase Spider-Man’s true identity from everyone’s memory. Unfortunately, the spell doesn’t work and instead brings visitors to other realities in the MCU. Peter’s fight against the villains of the Multiverse only takes a few days to complete, which means No way homeThe main events of take place in November 2024.

There’s also an ending scene in December 2024, in the same cafe where Peter read his rejection letter from MIT. The Christmas decoration on the store indicates that we are near the holidays, something that is confirmed by the snow falling from the sky and covering New York. So unlike other MCU inputs, No way home gives us enough clues to know when its main events are taking place. But how No way home relate to different productions of phase 4?

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Where does “Spider-Man: No Way Home” take place in the Phase 4 timeline?

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Of the eight other productions already released on MCU Phase 4, in addition No way home, we only need to worry about five. It’s because Black Widow is a prequel located between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, What if…? takes place in different corners of the Multiverse, and LokiThe Adventures of Time Travel is not yet connected to the Phase 4 timeline. However, it should be noted that Lokithe first scene takes place in the middle of End of Game‘s time hold’, making it the first entry in phase 4.

Regarding the MCU theatrical releases, we know that Eternals takes place at the same time as Peter Parker fights Mysterio in Europe. As for Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten ringsWe don’t know exactly when the main events of the movie happen, but we do know that this is a world where Thanos has already been defeated for so long that life has returned to some sort of normalcy. So it is safe to say Shang-Chi (Simu liu) went through his superhero journey somewhere around 2024.

As for Disney + TV shows, WandaVision takes place a few weeks after Thanos was defeated, still in 2023. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, on the other hand, takes place a few months after Steve Rogers (Chris evans) gave his shield to Sam Wilson (Anthony mackie), before Far from home. Finally, with Hawk Eye taking place just before Christmas, probably in 2024 but possibly in 2025, No way home is the second final adventure of phase 4.

Marvel still has a few details to explain just to make sense of everything in the timeline. For example, No way home does not seem to take into account the events of Eternals, which pretty much changed the landscape of Earth. Also, so far, Hawk Eye did not recognize either Eternals aftermath of Spider-Man’s latest brawls under New York City skyscrapers. The events of WandaVision and Shang-Chi could very well happen out of public scrutiny. And The Falcon and the Winter Soldier the conclusion is not that the world is changing to need a nod of No way home Where Hawk Eye. However, there are some big things happening around the world, and if Marvel doesn’t know how each production is connected, we might continue to struggle to understand the MCU timeline. Right now, however, we can only do our best as we navigate the complex web of the multiverse.

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