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Where will the story pick up in the insidious timeline?


Although we are fast approaching the release of Insidious 5, it was in 2010 that the chilling creative work of Leigh Whannell first made its way onto the big screen. Under the direction of James Wan, Whannell’s possession story unfolded before a captivated audience. Many tales of possession and exorcisms have been told. However, none were as insidious as Leigh’s. The first episode was so terrifying that some considered Insidious one of the scariest movies made.

Payment one of Insidious is set in the present and chronicles the events surrounding a family of five at a pivotal moment in transition. Josh, Renai, Dalton, Kali and Foster Lambert were moving into a new house. However, they were not a typical family. The Lamberts were haunted, and this haunting was quite unusual. The audience will later learn that supernatural ties unite the spirits of the beyond to the Lamberts. Unfortunately, wraiths are determined forces that watch for open doors and opportunities to enter them.


Dalton, Josh and Renai’s youngest son, serves as the core. It is the centrifugal force that pulls viewers into the story. Josh Lambert is the loving father of Dalton, who is stalked by insidious demons, nightmarish beings from whom he has long been cut off. Like all respectable fathers, Josh acts in his family’s best interest when Dalton’s condition worsens. Unaware of the ability he and his son share, he seeks help for his boy. He finds salvation in Elise, a paranormal expert played by Lin Shaye.

Unbeknownst to Josh, Elise is no stranger. It was Elise who played a determining role in his life. And years of suppression are the result of their initial interaction. But to delete does not mean to be deleted. Skeletons don’t always stay buried, as everyone discovers through Dalton’s experience.

The Insidious timeline

Insidious is a feature full of twists and turns that took three more installments to dig its foundation. The story spawns greater discoveries with each episode, and all paths lead back to Elise. The fourth chapter of the franchise, The last keydives deep into Elise’s story, giving the story a long timeline dating back to the 1950s. Josh’s life in the first episode.

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Surprisingly, his reintegration into Josh’s life also marks the end of his existence. Dalton’s case would be his last in its natural form, as Elise is no longer in the land of the living. The paranormal expert apparently freed Josh and Dalton from their possession. And afterwards, young Dalton underwent hypnosis to conceal his gift, hopefully preventing another door from being unintentionally opened. So it seems that, for once, the Lamberts will live in peace. And, given the new timeline, it looks like they’ve been living their lives under the radar for quite some time.

So, with four installments completed and the foundation dug, what remains of the story? Where will the most recent segment fit into the timeline?

Insidious 5 will further explore Dalton’s story

In subsequent films, Insidious 5 occurs after the events of Insidious 2. There is a fairly significant time jump of about ten years. Everyone has grown since meeting Dalton in The Further, and Dalton is crossing another threshold in his life. He is preparing for his first year at university. However, his ability has not left him, although the circumstances of his youth may be a haze. As written in digital spy:

“He is [Dalton] has this ability that he doesn’t even realize he has to be an astral projector and a traveler.”

This hidden gem can prove problematic.

What can fans expect?

Essentially, the production team kept the plot secret. However, some theories can be derived from the information presented. Given the current revelations, the next chapter will once again focus on Dalton. This segment will presumably deal with Dalton’s rediscovery of his supernatural gift. With this understanding, a question arises, will there be a place for Elise (Lin Shaye) in the script? A 2020 interview with Shaye shows his return is entirely possible.

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Even though Shaye felt Insidious was a wrap after the fourth installment, she was up for a fifth. According Coming, Shaye said:

“I’m good with anything; if we come back, I’m in The Further this time, so it will be different.”

And if the announcements on IMBD are correct, she will make an appearance. So it’s possible fans will see Shaye again in the same capacity she filled in the second chapter, a spirit guide extending her expertise to the Lamberts.

The fifth installment is slated for a 2023 release. Interestingly, Patrick Wilson (Josh) now sits in the director’s chair. As a result, viewers will experience the phenomena from another angle. In February, Wilson confirmed that filming would begin later this year, which is good news for fans of the show. When the initial announcement of Insidious 5 was made, it was confirmed that Ty Simpkins (Dalton) would also return to fulfill his role as Dalton. Although it is believed that other characters could return, this is yet to be confirmed.

So, with an adult Dalton, repressed ability, insidious attachments, a deceased Elise, and college experience, who knows what new terrors might emerge? Whether good or bad, the answers will be complete on July 7, 2023.